Help chosing a strain

Another old fart tired of crappy overpriced dispensery offerings . Growing indoors 4x4x8 tent . Unfortunately having a card has not yet come with an allowance for GYO . So stealth & discretion are mandatory .Local climate outdoors is tropical hot & humid . I’m currently running everything w/o plants to make sure I can control growing enviroment . All that said I’m trying to sort out those strains that are really stinky like some skunks & lemon strains . Just checked what ILGM has available for autos & here’s what I’m looking at . If you know please step up & let me know please . Suspect list :slight_smile:
Northern Lights
White Widow - this I’ve been told can be a stinker
AK47 - have been told the AK strain & crosses are heavy stinkers
Banana Kush
Bruce Banner- pretty sure this one is also too stinky
Amnesia Haze
Super Skunk - believe this one is ultra stinky
Jack Herer
OG Kush
Some others which I believe won’t work for me either . Now before anyone gets excited I know that fat colas stink , but some much more than others . I am overkill in venting & filtration . Tent volume exchanged once per MIN , with an additional 50% more on tap . So many choices it’s mind boogling for me . OK if you can enlighten me .

Frankly it’s a crapshoot: there will be some variation within a phenotype that can produce a wide array of different terpene profiles assuming ideal conditions for developing aroma are present.

Sour Diesel is one of the most consistent ‘skunky’ cultivars. Gold Leaf has a great aroma: Rosemary and Vanilla. Which is similar to WW.

Keep temps moderate in flower and maintain a green canopy until final flush and you should pull all that the plant can offer, out of it.


I grew some ILGM super skunk autos last cycle even with some idiot mistakes they got pretty big pulled almost 4 ounces off of 2 of them and 3 off the smaller one that was not counting trim! 3 different phenos 1 took some purple on and smelled of citrus the other 2 were skunk all the way even with carbon scrubbers growing in my basement had neighbors wondering if I was raising a family of skunks in my basement and was more potent than expected from an auto!
Edit: haven’t really grown enough ILGM genes to know the best of them but this super skunks definitely carried some stink

Had been told Super Skunk was pretty bad odorwise . I’ll cross that one off as I can’t have neighbors getting a wiff .

Many strains have strong smells, I will say that when I grow white widow it’s got a smell however my wife says it doesn’t smell like marijuana she’s used to smelling. It’s a piney smell not the obvious smell of a skunk or a kush.

It can vary from day to day too. Northern lights isnt too bad.

I may be wrong, but i think the more indica strains tend to stink more.