Help choosing light

Hi guys. New here and a new grower. About to start my 1st grow. Im needing help choosing a grow light. Im currently using a 6in ac infinity fan/filter & a 3x3x6 tent.

So far theres 2 lights Ive been considering that seem to be the best option. HLG 300L or Timber 4VS.

Probably going to go with the 4VS unless someone knows of something better at a cheaper price? & is not having uv/ir going to make a difference?

Oh and idk if this is the right spot to post this question, sorry if its not.

Both would cover. I feel the cobs would cover better. I have a rapid led kit, which I really love. Mine has Cree Chips. I don’t think you’d be disappointed with either.

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I see on the RapidLed site they have a similarly priced light compared to the ones Im considering but didnt see any light specification info ( ppfd, ppd etc.) so couldnt tell if its any better. & it also comes as a DIY kit. Which isnt a bad trade off if its a better light.

Hi, I just switched from a mars hydro tsw2000 to the HLG 320 xl rspec ,I couldn’t be happier. Ordered it wednesday it came last night. Please do not skimp on a light. Go with the HLG!! Best of luck.


You’re correct, but you can look up Cree’s info on their chip. I think @dbrn32 might know where the ppfd info is on that fixture. If there is any.

The timber light uses citizen COB’s similar but different. Rapid uses Cree, but they do have the chilled logic version. Which is also excellent. I’ve been considering those for additional lighting in the future to mix in with my COB’s.

Some help from @dbrn32
@Datcoldboi this should help. This for that Cree CXB 3590

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Love my timbers , grew a year with the 4 vs and recently added a redwood


Chart covertgrower posted is for cd bin cxb3590. At 1400ma (50 watts) each cob has ppf of 113.7 umols per second. Assuming bin,cct, and current are the same, you can multiply the 113.7 by number of cobs on fixture and get a total radiometric flux the fixture. That is listed by timber, to get apples to apples comparison.

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Awesome looking plant man!

What were your yields like when you were growing with the 4vs?

& since this is my first grow how many plants do you recommend i start with if i use the 4vs in a 3x3?

& should i do autos or photos? Recomended strains?

I’ve only grown autos up to now, usually could fit 4 under the 4 vs,would say I average about 3 Oz a plant