Help Candy cane auto

Hi I am a new member and new grower. I’m growing for my ill mother. Closet grow with CFL’s. Trying to figure out when is the right time to start my flush and harvest. I planted them May 24 weekend. How close do you think I am for a uplifting high couch lock high will not be good for her. Thanks.

You obviously have trichomes! Question is, what color are they? Clear, milky or amber or a combo of 2 to 3 of these colors! Get a 60X Jewelers loupe so u can see this!! This is what will tell if it’s “time” or not!

Happy Grow’in!!!

Uplifting and couch lock ! …hummm ?

I’m not sure, are you looking for something kind of in the middle? If so I would cut when it was mostly milky and maybe around 10% Amber trichomes

… like the person above recommended, a scope or magnifier will greatly help you
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I have an old 300mm macro zoom lens on an ancient Minolta 300si I use.

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No I meant I want up lifting high not couch lock. It’s hard to get her motivated now.

I will have to get one so I can see them better. Also 2 week or a week long flush? Like I said I have no idea what i am doing. Every bodies help is greatly appreciated.

Gotcha… (I misread you) I think most would recommend a sativa or a hybrid

I have an mmj friend who swears by Gorilla Glue for energy. Some say kush can be uplifting, but I have 2 here, the OG’s very social smoke but the 8Ball …just put on a movie and don’t have any plans for the evening, so I think kush might be more hit-or-miss for you ?

…if I wanted the energetic buzz I would pick (whatever it was) when they are about 50% cloudy. You have at least a month to go. I flush for 2 weeks

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Thanks for info I will check on that strain to see if i can get some seeds. I will post some more pics as days go on. Plan on trying to make oil cause she is forgetting how to inhale. She has a card but still gets expensive so this will cut some cost. Thank you for the help and info.

Buddy, it sounds like you’re going in about 10 different directions. It just might be best for you to slow down and make a list of EXACTLY what you’re looking for and then let the folks knowledgeable on each thing weigh in.

Sorry. Lol. Lots on my plate just blabbering on. Paranorman pretty well answered my questions about when to harvest for

If I come across any more trouble I will ask.

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I only mention those strains as a reference they have fine seeds here I’ve grown too, got almost half a pound from one ilgm white widow recently

Other growers have more experience with ilgm seeds (I’m kind of new here) I’m sure they can recommend something just right for you ? Good luck

Ok. I will look into other strains for next grow. Just want to get this one under my belt. I was just confused when the best time to harvest it for her. The website said 7 week flower. I didn’t know if that was 7 weeks from seed or when it started flowering.

It means 7 weeks from sprout. Since it’s an auto.
If it were a photo strain, it would mean 7 weeks from the day you start flower (12/12 light cycle).

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That was confusing to me…so my auto ww, stated as ready in 56 days average, should be in it’s prime, mostly cloudy, 56 days (plus or minus) after germination?

I wasn’t 100% sure about that, if after sprouting or after flowering…

Those numbers that give you are under absolute perfect conditions and most likely hydro…if you are in soil or less then perfect conditions you have to add a couple weeks or so…

Here I took a better pic of my trichcomes look still clear to me

Here’s my understanding of it:

Auto-flower seeds are genetically engineered to AUTOMATICALLY ENTER FLOWERING STAGE in about 7 weeks after germination REGARDLESS of your lighting schedule.

Regular and Fem seeds can be kept in vegetative state longer or shorter and can be triggered into flowering stage by changing the lighting schedule.

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Seems it’s 56day avg after it starts flowering auto NL from ilgm for me was 100days plus. Hard to tell for me when flower point was. I might have extended time by shock from a transplant