Help can you tell me what’s wrong here

I just recently planted it and after 2 to 3 days this happen is it dead or is it because it needed more water

Is the cube moist? I kept mine domed and at that stage. I also put happy frog around the Root Riot.

Looks like the sponge spit you out. Open center of sponge, gently place Plant back in the hole, upright. Make sure you wet the sponge again. @Lka2683

Are you going to do hydro-Phonics, cause if I’m not mistaken, that’s a water pot…with oxy-rocks. @Lka2683 I’m intrigued about hydro. It’s over my head, out of my league.

I’m scared to transplant because the root has came through the bottom already I’m afraid the root will break so I’m starting to thing it’s a lost cause

Give a picture so we can see too, to be able help you. @Lka2683

Here’s you a hydro transplant guide link, tells you how to do it. @Lka2683

preparation of transplant @Lka2683

And here’s you a search on hydro transplant, in case you have any more questions. @Lka2683

Thank you for the time and help