HELP. Can’t figure out what’s going on


One of my two week old plants is starting to develop yellow spots in the centers of its leaves. Only one plant in my grow is having this problem. I’ll plants have been treated the same. I cannot determine the cause of the problem. Maybe it is too early to tell. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be causing this discoloration? !


what could be causing this?


What does this mean?

Could be overwatering. Soil looks very wet. What soil are you using?

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Sorry talk to text error. Grill = grow

I just watered the plants This morning before the photo was taken. I water roughly every two days once the soul becomes dry. All of my plants are on the same watering Schedule and this is the only one having issues.

I’m currently growing in 5 gallon bucket‘s and I am using natures care organic potting mix for soil. I am also using perfect pH nutrients from advanced
nutrients. Although this particular plant has only had a very little bit of nutrients added so far.


You probably don’t need to add nutrients for a while, but this would be determined by your run-off PPM. Given the organic soil you may be breeding the natural microbes and promoting O2 deprivation by watering so frequently. You want the roots to search for the water, so allow to dry out between waterings.


I would also do a soil slurry test to make sure this soil is in range for cannabis. Take a 1/4 cup of soil, mix with DISTILLED water (about a cup) and let stand for 30 minutes then test with a calibrated digital PH meter. It should be between 6.3 and 6.8 PH.

With that in mind; what are you using to measure PH? When did you calibrate last?


I should mention that I am a first time grower. So I’m learning as I go. I have a cheep probe tester from Home Depot. According to that I’m around 7 ph. I’m guessing I should invest in a better tester. Any recommendations?


Yeah; those things are terrible. You can use the moisture function to determine wet or dry until you can do it by feel but that is about the only good thing about them.

I use this and many recommend it:


I was thinking it was a PH problem based on the symptoms and what I found online. But it’s so hard to tell. I will order a new tester and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice.

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Also the Advanced Nutes say PH perfect, that does NOT mean that u dont have to test and adjust your PH. It just means that its is not suppose to change the ph level when added to your water. And always test and adjust your PH after u add your nutes and or additives to your water.
They r looking good tho, get control of your PH and you should be in good shape.