Help? Can someone let me know if if my plant is done?

I have 3

Left is Northern Lights, Middle Is Gelato and Right is Gelato as well…

The left (Northern Lights) I see alot of Cloudy/Amber Trichomes Thru my Jewelers Loupe

Pretty sure middle one is isnt finished but lil hope for it cus its a lil airy/larfy rather than dense but I still see some clear trichomes, so wait it out?

The right one has cloudy Trichomes w/ some trichomes turning slightly amber

Im askin for help cus this is only the eighth week of flower and I see alot of people not even close to being finished at week 8 and this is my first grow, not to mention I never flushed the plants :man_facepalming: so now are my plants going to be harsh? If chopped?!


Pictures didnt upload clear

Northern Lights

Gelato 1

Gelato 2

A Complete Guide on When to Harvest Hemp


I posted in another thread but sounds like you could use the info:

  • Rx Green Technologies evaluated the effects of different flushing times on chemical profile, flavor, and smoking characteristics in Cannabis flower.
  • Flushing periods of 14, 10, 7 and 0 days were imposed on Cherry Diesel.
  • No differences were detected between flush treatments for yield, potency, or terpenes.
  • Analysis of mineral content of leaves indicated small changes in content of iron and zinc.
  • Taste test panelists tended to prefer flower flushed for 0 days.
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Good to know about the flushing, thank you…do you think the northern lights and gelato 2 will be good to harvest if theyre done growing and showing cloudy trichomes?

Oldmarine posted a great resource. If you’re happy that the pistils are brown/amber and the trychomes are cloudy enough for you then you should be good to go. If you’re unsure wait a few days/week, reassess, and see what you think.

In the mean time, you could clip a small bud that you think is ready: dry it, consume it, and evaluate it. It won’t be 100% but it’ll give you an idea.

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Hey thank you for the vid @oldmarine