Help came home to this

Put them outside every morning before work girt bout 7ish found this pls,help

Got home bout 7

Something is eating something. Are you using Diatomaceous_Earth

Note yet saw that on amazon to apply do i just use duster and spray leaves and how often heard it’s some messy stuff but does wonders but takes awhile to work

I have a link posted in the Buyers guide at bottom of forum. You use it once. Once you dust the top of your medium; Or If resolving a mite or thrip issue you dust the underside o the leaves with a common garden duster.


If I just dust the medium; I need not do anything. No mess at all. However; I would choose something messy over pests eating my plant; Anyday! :smile:

When I ready to harvest; I give the plant a lukewarm shower if I had to dust the underside proactively. Then dry by placing 2-3 oscillating fans around the plant to keep mold or mildew from taking hold. Once nice and dry. harvest.

Already placed order…thks