Help buying light cant decide


Ok so buying a led today. Choices are Hollandstar: r900 is a 1000 watt full spec.uv With veg and bloom switchs.act. pull 180-200watts has a bigger foot print then most others of same size by hollandstar
W1200 full spec.with uv act. Pull230-250watts
Or X5 1000/1200 full spec with uv COB Holland star. Said to be very bright but more direct. Ordering after work tonight any suggestions. Please. I am sure of these 3 is one im getting so no other suggestions just want HOLLANDSTAR
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i’m not sure which,i’ll go give them a look @Familyman420


Ill also give them a look also
@dbrn32 is a good guy with light choices he may have a better view on them for you
I have both cob and led fixtures
Im pleases with all of them myself so id say this youll be happy with either im sure cobs are more focused then the led as well as you mentioned


Sounds exciting, I have no clue about this light , but sounds great…
Happy growing !


I have 2 lights from Hollandstar and i love them. I have a few friends with cheap lights that SUCK! And i have another acquaintance who has the most expensive, newest junk( still grows junk meds,lol) and my Hollandstars are brighter and i like them better. So im going to stick with the brand until i find a reason not too. Dont know if they will ever “replace” HID lighting, but girls seem to be loving both together. Think im going to have the 400hps in middle and an led on both sides… And then im going to take my 300led and make a little box to try my hand at making some fem/auto beans. Using the terrismist spray.


The provided spectral graph suggests low intensity in blue wavelengths. The blue wavelengths are known to keep the node spacing on vegging plants tight and assist with resin production in late flower. In terms of growing weed, it should do fine. But I wanted to point that out because it’s a little lower than the lights I typically like to recommend.

As far as the footprint goes, they are claiming 4x4 coverage. That’s probably pretty liberal for a fixture that size and power consumption. It may veg ok there, but I would expect effective flowering footprint to be more around 2’x3’. They didn’t list any par levels so it’s hatd to b sure.

All things considered, it’s probably in line with other amazon fixtures of similar power draw. But you may find a little more balanced light spectrum in a different model. The cob fixture looks identical to the morsen cob light which I believe a couple of members have had chips burn up on. I would be slightly concerned that it’s just rebranded and you could run into a similar issue. I didn’t see spectral graph for it, but here is the one from 1000 w.


Its supplementing my HID lighting. Just keep hearing the COB lights are this or are that. I know alot of lights are rebranded i dont think Hollandstar is i bought my first one from the Hollandstar website store. Im leaning towards the R900Model




Can you link that light please. Every search I do keeps providing models that are all white.

The reason cobs are such a big thing is due to the performance of some of the specific models. Just because it’s a cob doesn’t make it best thing since sliced bread. Some cobs are in the 200 lumen per watt range while others are well below 100 lumen per watt. And there’s always some consideration for light spectrum produced as well. Getting into some good cobs would be a much higher performance level than any of these lights. But it’s also going to come with a much heftier price tag as well.


Not really computer savy, but I’ll try. I think its 200range. If you go to offical Hollandstar website they have good descriptions. Ill try to tal a pict and repost it


Hold on need to fix that pic.




They are listing epistar leds, they’re pretty much the same led used in every other budget amazon grow light fixture. So the only real difference in them compared to rest of them will be in amount of diodes, ratio of blue to red diodes, and the driver used.

If you want to look into some of the more affordable fixtures using higher end cobs, look into some of the geyapex fixtures. I believe you need to find their website and email them for info. They will send you a current list and pricing. To best of my knowledge, they had about 12 different models using cobs from citizen, cree, and bridgelux.


From that spectrum, this light would be good for supplementing a MH lamp. It would supply the red you need for blooming.

I think most of the crummy results people are getting with LEDs are because they just don’t have enough. They think they have 1000 watts from the ad, but they really have 200 from the wall. Watts don’t just magically appear. You really need about 50 REAL watts per square foot. Get more lights or shrink your growing area and concentrate that light. LEDs can be more efficient than HID but not 5 times better. More like 20% better. So maybe you could get by with 40 watts per square foot with LEDs.


I dont need to suppment just for blooming i run MH during veg. And HPS during flower plus another 1000watt led . (act. Draw is 230watt) and a 300led act. Draw 96watts as side lighting. This is soley bc i want another light and got the $ at the moment.


I have a 4’x8’ tent in which I’ll be using three of the Meizhi 900W LED lights. This is actually enough light to provide roughly 37.5W/sq ft. Equal to a 1,500W HPS light, but a lot less heat and a lot more control, plus they last practically forever. I did a ton of research and these are the best bang for your buck on the market right now, short of building your own cob lights, which I do not want to do.


Excellent design! LEDs actually do put out almost as much heat as HID but it is never as concentrated, because it is spread out a lot more. It still warms the grow chamber to almost the same extent. You still need an exhaust fan to remove it or your chamber will get steadily warmer. I know this because I’ve used both and they get about 133 lumens/watt for HPS and 150 lumens/watt for my COBs. The rest of the power (about half) is waste heat.

But you are right about them lasting many years: No arc chewing up electrodes, so no bulb replacement every year or two like HID. Only thing that could go bad is if there are one or more fans inside and those little fans usually run for years. Cheap and easy to replace as well.


This is a photo of my hollandstar 1kw LED ($99). After 3 1/2 months of use about a quarter of the LEDs went dead. It is past the normal amazon return period but the manufacturer (supposedly) guarantees it for 180 days. There is no website, no email address for hollandstar, not this hollandstar anyway. I reached a guy named “JACK” through amazon messaging and after sending him this same pic, i’ve not heard back yet. It’s disappointing. meantime i had to go buy another light because my plants can’t stand around waiting. ya know? ledsm

I’m not saying this is going to happen to yours, it appears most people don’t have these problems. I’ve had a King Plus 1000w ($130) that lasted only 2 weeks when 1/2 the leds died (amazon refunded it). And now I’m on a BESTVA DC series 1000w ($90). These units are all similar in appearance, design and function. These are all relatively cheap units so I suspect any electronics in each is equally shitty. The good news is when they work, they work well. LEDs are bright, the plants like them, there is no excessive heat and it doesn’t affect the power bill. The good thing about amazon is they will refund just about anything as long as you return it before 30 days are up. I don’t have experience with the hps lights so I can’t compare to those.