HELP! Buds drying out on plant before harvest

Yeah that’s amazing to learn that on the VPD scale that humidity should be up over 50% - as everything you read and people say is in flower 40% or below!!

Gave both girls a good spritz tonight instead of water, thought that would help get humidity up too :+1:


In flower i always drop my RH to 40% range cause mold is bound to get into buds to much over that i have high Rh in veg low in flower never had issue with mold but im also gonna say ill never say that i want ever have any just havent

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And what temp are you running when at 40% humidity so I can understand on VPD scale

@Jgrowman look what I did!!! Patience and hard work :muscle:
I hope this works :crossed_fingers:

I wouldn’t spray anything on buds… Even to raise humidity. Do some other way… So now your in the green zone for late veg & early flower… The trick is to keep it there…:grinning:. Just make sure that you have good air circulation and you should be golden… As you go into mid to late flower the vpd should be raised slightly… But you know that now that you have the chart…


Ahhhh will stop spraying buds!

Any other ideas on what to do instead?

Humidifier that you can set to a specific humidity level… If you can’t or don’t have that you can hang damp towels with the fan blowing on them or bucket of water with a fan blowing on it… But the humidifier is the easiest way and the most accurate… When you are growing indoors you are playing God and have to control all elements of the environment…

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Serious question how do you get leaf temp?

Use an infrared thermometer… This is the one I use but there are many brands and many different prices depending upon the accuracy…

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Gotcha gotcha… I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks

Would it be safe to say the leaf temp will be lower than air temp do to transpiration kinda acting as a cooler for the leaf?

Leaf temp is usually a couple degrees higher than ambient room temperature because they’re directly under the lights… Are you using LED or HPS?

3-600 watt HPS

Interesting I would have thought the opposite… supposed to snow all weekend so guess I’ll be in the shop playing bill nye lol

Mine usually run that way, but I just use cheap thermometers for ambient room temperature that may not be very accurate…lol. If you’re running HPS I think you’ll find if your room temperature is in the mid 70s your leaf temperature is going to be around 80 to 85 with it 18 in or so above canopy…

I’ll let ya know what I find out! Been researching how to get denser buds… mine are great just not super dense like I have seen at dispensary… but I also grow all organic in soil so that may some what limit my ability for rock hard buds that can be achieved with a little chemical aid.

I am by no means an expert but have been growing for a few years. I have found that plant genetics and light intensity have the greatest effect on bud density. Indicas usually have much more dense buds than sativas and of course hybrids are in between… If you’re looking for rock hard buds try growing some granddaddy purple… It’s what is in the background in the picture…:grinning: Three 600 watt HPS over a 4x8 is more than sufficient, so it’s not the lights…

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That’s not true you can grow hard buds with any method


Yeah dialed in temps and like you said lights should be plenty… guess I’m looking for an excuse other than inexperience to get better results :rofl::rofl:. Trail and error. Have you noticed a difference in density between autos and photos?
Oh and it’s a 5x10 tent now

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To be honest, I have never grown an auto only photos because autos used to be crap. In the last couple of years they have gotten a lot better. I have some auto seeds that I haven’t used yet but probably will this spring to try and get a late spring early summer harvest…:grinning:

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