HELP! Buds drying out on plant before harvest

Thanks. So bummed right now.

Sorry for your problems. Sounds like the Aussie summers are even worse than the Gulf coast U.S. where I am. You need to find a strain that can handle it better I guess. That humidity without the dehumidifier (80%) is a serious hurdle.


Be careful when you cut the bad parts out don’t touch anything else on any of your plants or you can spread the mold spores. Spray the bad buds before you clip it will help keep the spores from becoming airborne. Clean your scissors after every clip with peroxide


Going shopping today for hydrogen peroxide and a second fan.

Thanks, will do!

Yeah think I will do more strain research for sure

Thanks all for your replies, especially @MidwestGuy fpr brining my stress levels down when it all unfolded!

Both the tent has been wiped down and plants sprayed with hydrogen peroxide solution :crossed_fingers:

Second fan also now in the tent too


That should help…


Hey bro i know wat ur going through im at the top end of Australia do you have a aircon if you is there anyway how u could hook up some inline fan ducting to ur aircon front cause i had to do that to bring my temp down but i had my humidity up to 55-60% in flower

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Hey mate, no aircon as it is in my garage.
Playing around with different ents open, second fan, so hopefully I can find a winning formula.

Ok thank you. These are my inputs….trying to work out what it all means? Pointers needed!

How many fans do u have in ur tent ,i run six fans ,thats four oscillating fans and to inline fan exhaust systems one inline fan brings in fresh air and the other takes old air and hot out

Was just 1 small oscillating fan but put in a selling large tower oscillation fan today too

30 to 35 is to cold. That’s below freezing.

They are in the Land of Oz. Working with Celcius. 30 degrees is approximately 88-90ish F? Sorry my converting math aint what it used to be.

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What the hell is Celsius :slight_smile:


Happy your confidence is back up.

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Lmao. I know I spelled that all kinda wrong


Got temp down to 26 degrees Celsius which is 79 F.
Opened the tent up and windows, but humidity is now around 50-55%


That’s a lot better… Try to get the vpd around 1 +or- depending on stage of plant… If you can get the temp down a little more or humidity up you’ll be there… Your plants will thank you…