HELP..Broke my girl and think I killed her


Hi All…Im 6 weeks into veg on my first indoor grow with 3 girls…2 burmese kush…1 abominable snowman…both indica strains… I also have then under ScrOG net at 22"…I was doing my norman sunday clean up of the girls and grow room and went to bend on of the main branch when I heard a SNAP…and knew that wasnt good just from the sound…upon inspecting the plant I noticed that it had split where it was topped 4 weeks ago…split aprox 1/4-1/2"…I tried to tape it together to no avail…then opted to put a wire tie around it to hold the split together…Did I kill my girl, is there a chance for recovery? should I wait another week or 2 before flipping over to flower to see how she reacts to the break? is this sever enough that may make her turn hermi?


Good job, if I didn’t completely break off you good, looks like you took care of it, it should heal back just fine


I agree with @Mrcrabs your gonna be fine i mean every single plant has a stem tear like thatt on them even a couple branches do


Same thing happened to me with this Banana Kush. I did the exact same thing you did and she recovered nicely. So don’t worry, be happy. She should make a full recovery and give you lots of frosty buds



Wow…you guys just made my day…I was so bummed last night…should i leave the wire tie on it as she grows and goes thru flower? Should I give her a few days to recover before flipping over to flower? They have gotten no nutes or for that matter nothing but straight tap water…they are in michigan mix 5gal fabric pots…any recommendations?


Even if a stem dies the plant will still be good. I broke a main stem completely off and itd going strong. Get you some cloning stuff and keep it on hand just in case. If you break a stem off then clone it and grow it.


I would keep tthe ties on for a couple weeks aand youll be surprised at the knuckle that forms and how resilient these girls are


Nice save! I’ve broken many a branches in the day, and the best fix I’ve found is duct tape/masking tape and zip ties. I highly recommend cutting that zip tie off, you will end up choking her out. It seems to have healed enough, if needed you could always add another zip tie, just a little looser to allow her to breath.

Crazy as it sounds, you may find that break ends up creating a nice solid monster of a plant! Good luck!


Breaking stems is actually a form of high stress training. Some growers do it on purpose to get a plant spread out. It’s called supercropping.


I’m tell you what. That is the best I have ever seen in fixing her up like. That is awesome, great job.
But remember this if it happens again, use some honey on the wound it is a great natural healent.
But YES she will heal up nicely. Just like nothing ever happened.
And I won’t worry about stress she’ll be fine.
Boy that was a good job…



Looks like you did a fine job :+1:

I would consider removing it, or at least putting another on more loosely, as she grows. The stem will get thicker and thicker, and you don’t want to “choke” her.