HELP! - Blue Dream down

I woke up this morning to check on my girls, and found that my Blue Dream has wilted…

I top up the soil and added a toothpick to help support her. I added 1 1/2 cup of pH balanced water (6.10) to flush the soil in case it’s nutrient issue.

|What strain, Seed bank, or bag seed|Blue Dream (Dr. Seeds)|
|Method:|Peat Pellets > Pro-Mix Potting Mix|
|Vessels:|Small Pot > 7 Gallon Grow Bag|

Water In: pH 6.10; ppm 124; EC 250
Runoff: pH 5.36; ppm 558; EC 1082

Soil pH: 7

Any advice? Can she be saved? or is it too late?

She’s still green. maybe?

That is a lot of stretch indicating your light is too far away/ not bright enough. Get more light and you might save her.

For now your soil is very wet. Let it dry out some. I only add 3-5ml of water a couple of times a day to a sprout. 1.5 cups is a lot.
I haven’t used Pro-Mix potting mix. I do you Pro-Mix HP, which is awesome!

It might be better to sprout your seeds in a red solo cup and keep it there until the leaves extend past the rim. Then transplant. (I use two cups. The plant cup has multiple holes in the bottom). An out cup catches any water drips. The solo works well because you can use an empty solo to make a hole in your 5-7 gal pot. Then you simply turn the plant upside down and put it in the hole of perfect size!! :slight_smile: This will make water and light control much easier.
I put spouts under a small T5 light. They are not expensive and you can find them on Amazon. This will take of of stretch in the future.

Is this for an indoor grow or outdoors? I use 5 gallon cloth pots for indoor.


I raised them closer to the lights since that picture., the soil was still moist, I didn’t plan on watering today, but wanted to flush it in case it was a Nutrient issue. I’ll definitely be using solo cups next time, and a grow light is in the plans for the future. I plan on growing outside once the last frost is done, in 7 gallon grow pot.

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Cool. You might notice your plant will seem to stop growing. What happens in a large pot the plant will take some time to send out roots and it can make it appear it is not doing much. Be patient and keep an eye on it.

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This is how you want your lights


That’s too much water for seedling as well.


Should I transplant to solo cups?

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I would leave them as they are. Everything will catch up.

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