Help black smudge on leaf

This has got worse and the leaf has almost died now. Not sure what it is and how to solve ? In coco with ph at 6.0

I am no expert with Coco but If it was me I would flush the medium cleaning build up of salts and start feeding on a clean slate. I would if I could wait a day or so for the coco to dry out and restart on a weaker mix.
but I am an old hydro grower and if I had this I would dump the sump and flush with clean ph’ed water before adding back a half strength refill with alittle seaweed extract we have called Charlie Carp.

There are smarter ppl here if you wait.

When I noticed the smudge. I did give them a dry day and transplanted into bigger pots. Recently gave then 2 litres of clean ph 6 water . Just see how they get on .

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I agree with @pigsquish,

Turn your lights off to get a better pic

B Safe

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It’s got worse over night and spreaded.

My humidity is bang on 60 so that’s not the case.

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Temp has been 20-27degrees in the grow tent.
Humidity is from 45-63 but has stabled to 60 now I have transplanted into 3 gal pots. I’m not running hydro system imhand feeding. In the reservoir I have a air pump just pumping air into the water. My tap water is at 7.7ph and 450ppm before I Evan adds any nutes and ph down or liquid silicon to bring the pH up. Once adding ph down to 6.0 the ppm seems to stable at 400-420ppms.


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