Help big problem is it even worth it now?

So ive been growing this white widow for about 4 month or so keeping it short because i recently became homeless and the light schedules messed up abit but when i put the light on it was always for atleast more than 12 hour so i dont introduce flowering never the less i had to stash it somewhere and couldnt get to it for 5 or 6 days so for 5-6 days it was under a big plastic bag to hide the smell a little and in a box in darkness for that whole period this is the first time i have seen it since last thursday and it is currently wednesday at 11:20pm for me ive noticed that this plant is very resilient im very 50/50 at this point on wether its gunna live and only time under the light now will tell i guess but i just want some other growers opinions the main stems are still green and for the most part every other off branch apart from some having light brown stems which i assume will most likely just die off it looks naked because i trimmed it due to it being under a bag in a box it got very cludded and also caused mold hence maybe part of the leaf discoloring to aswell as not having light. for the most part ive removed the mold by sight and plan on doing a method i read with hydrogen peroxide to wash out if theres any mold in the roots etc but here are the pics its a sad sight to see but is it worth trying to keep it alive or is it already dead. ( im very reluctant to let it die as ive spent so much time and stress growing and hiding it from people for months but i really want it to grow so i dont have to buy the shit bud we have in my country) all opinions are appreciated

This is showing the main stem but doesnt matter what camera i use it doesnt make up for the quality

In my opinion by the time it recovers (if it recovers) you could start a new grow and be at where you are now . You’re also looking at the possibility of this one going hermie on you with all the stress it’s been through . Just my thoughts on it. Good luck

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I have to agree with @Watt-Sun.

Also, it doesn’t sound like you have a stable environment to put it into even try and bring it back. So instead of milking it, starting all over once you have a spot is probably best.

Sorry to hear about being homeless.

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Sadly, starting over is likely your best option at this point.
The plant may even survive but won’t be much of a producer and may, as @Watt-Sun suggests, go hermie.

Bummer not having a home…hopefully things will improve for you soon.

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