Help! Beginner w clones

Please see pics to help our first grow.

We are new to growing. First clones. Mother plant died.


Are those in flower?


Hello and welcome to ILGM!

Remember clones are technically the same age as the mother plants. And therefore will feed and require higher ppm’s then normal plants their size.

Happy growing and ask away!

@oldmarine i believe they are “supercropped” clones. In other words taken from the mother early in flower. OP can reveg her for some crazy branching fun

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It looks like they’ve started blooming to me. I don’t know what I did.

Transplanted then 3 weeks so. Fed twice. AVG water every three days by dribbling with watering can.

Haha I stand corrected then!

What were the light hours on before being cut? And whats ur timer on now?

I know the technique just not sure that is what’s happening.

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Light schedule?

It looks like they’ve started blooming to me. I don’t know what I did.

Transplanted then 3 weeks so. Fed twice. AVG water every three days by dribbling with watering can.

Read your reply about super cropped. Maybe.

The young plants started with white tips. Put the light at very top of tent.

Yellow and curling. Cant quite match the right symptoms on symptom checkers

3 are clones. One is found seed. There are a few fling insects in dirt of single skinny found seed. Smallest plant. Used neem oil twice ( 10 days ago, 3 days ago) hubby reports more bugs than ever. Some kind of black gnat coming out of soil.

P.s. we are sooooooo inbetween funds at the moment please also advising any diy basic elements nutes, ph adjustment, etc.

Thankyou for taking the time to help:)

Cut clones

For a couple of days we cut it back to 14 hours on because we thought it might be light burn.

I run my nursery 24/7. I have very weak lighting for seedlings and new clones. I got it from the home depot. It doesn’t take much light as much as continuous light.

If the clones have taken root then you’re good. I feed and water as normal.

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What is ppm

What is OP


PPM are parts per million. Its a general thing growers use to check how many nutes u have in soil. Done with a TDS meter.

OP is Original Poster = @GrowgreenSC or YOU



I do the same normally with clones and seedlings. Have been running em under 18-6 with the big girls this go round tho

They appear to be dying as did the mother plant.

We have only fed last 4 weeks because as Momma was dying, I was just learning about nutes. Omg.

So I mixed a grow water from miracle gro
A bloom water from a bloom food
And mixed a third jug of half and half.

We had only used the first grow water once per week.

Last week I sprinkled some grow plus bloom on them without telling my husband

I wonder if we needed to switch up to bloom plus grow water every eeek since they are older than they look

The thing is they seem to be doing the same thing momma plant did. But she did get tall. When she started showing yellow leaves, I flushed her and then probably didn’t make sure she drained properly. Got water logged. Shriveled up died

I only use organics. Can’t help you with Miracle gro. I use fabric pots because it’s almost impossible to overwater.

Get a fee pictures in natural light. Helps show true colors


What do you have the clones in? It looks like peat with perlite. What brand? Wondering if it has any thing in it other than perlite and maybe mycos. Also wondering if is cannabis friendly and has been pH adjusted with lime.
The other thing is I would save the MG for the garden and get some cannabis friendly nutrients. Some thing like fox farm trio is easy for beginners to use. You will also need CalMag. I use general hydroponics CalMagic. You will also need a TDS pen and pH pen
I started with this pen. It was accurate but slow to my Apera meter

I use bluelab conductivity pen. There are a bunch for under $20 to get you started.

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Def need more info on the soil/medium.

For now just stop with the fertilizer and give it water. You don’t have to flush it or leach or whatever just get a handle on watering.

What’s your water source?

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Updated photos

3 clones, 1 seedling.

Seedling. My husband concerned about white tips. This is very small


Hey Purple,

Check out my reply below to @oldmarine

Yesterday, as mt first day on the forum, I reached my reply limit. Thankyou both for your feedback

The photos are an exact representation of the color.

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