Help! Beginner trying know when to harvest

New here and to growing. What do I need to do?


She looks great , she will be ready in 8 weeks LOL. you need a eye glass or microscope. look at the trichomes on a bud not a leaf.


Keep feeding and try to be patient. You’re just getting started good. What strain are you growing and how long has she been throwing pistils?


I don’t know the strain. Just found about 6 seeds in some pretty :fire: bud and through them in the some pots. 2 germinated but granddaughter killed one smashing either finger. Planted on May 6th. Been throwing pistils for about 4 weeks and just started seeing some buds about 2weeks.Uploading: IMG_20200807_174104394.jpg…


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@KoolHandLuke is on the money. Could be as little as 6 weeks left or as much as 10 depending on strain.

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I’m a first timers myself and had the same question. How much longer or is it about ready now?

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My leaves are turning yellow… what is it missing and is there something I can buy at a Lowe’s or Home Depot. I thought I read on here or another sight that it’s lacking nitrogen…please help me!!! I was starting to get a nice aroma but not so much now

Plant could be root bound, being in a clay or plastic pot, which would contribute to pH imbalance and then lead to nutrient deficiency? Can you post a picture so we can compare today to the one from 9 days ago?

Also would be helpful to know ow what type of soil she is in, and what, if any, nutrients she is being fed…

Started her out with Miracle-Gro soil and MG plant food through vegetative stage

After seeing pistils added manure to soil:

and started feeding:

Since first time just used what I had for vegetable garden

A few leaves wifey took off yesterday.

same angle as before.

Also had a hard rain and some wind that blew some leaves off as well. She looks naked… but new growth coming in…

A few close-ups