Help! Beginner grow

My first grow. The fabric pot has a 6 week old seedling and the four on the left are a week and 4 days I topped the one in the fabric pot at the 3rd node and it seemed to have died and came back lol. How do you guys/gals think it’s looking? Running 110w led from the wall w/ ffof and nutes

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They are small for 6 weeks but they are alive. Are they photos or autos?
Are you watering with water that’s 6.5 ph?

Fox farms ocean forest is a bit rich for small plants it can stunt growth that’s why we recommend lighter soil in the top 1/4 of the pot as well as the center (for tap root to go down)

You could lower your light a bit I looks like.

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Looks pretty wet for their size. Watering too often can definitely stunt growth by alot. The root system hasnt spread or even established enough yet

They are very small I saw them when I switched out the soil thanks for the comment.

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I honestly don’t know what they are they come out a bag :man_facepalming:t5:I’m having trouble getting seeds my ph is right at 6.5 sometimes a little over but don’t exceed 6.6.

Literally let the first couple of inches dry before watering but even so dont flopd with water in the big pots enough to reach the roots below the stem. Took me awhile when i first started to get watering down. Basically overwatering a decently established vegging plant will set u back easily a week possibly week n half.

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Agreed let go through a wet dry cycle.

If they are bag seed they might me photos so just keep at it be patient. They will grow.
Keep your PH in check.
They should eventually adjust to the hot soil and grow.


For sure. Thanks for the tips.

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Yea thats real small for 6 weeks. Mine are like 1.5 maybe 2 and double that size

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Ok thanks and as far as the plant in the 5gal pot? I think I topped it too early any tips on that? It’s 6weeks old and the 2 week olds are looking better. I ended up trimming all the leaves after topping it in an attempt to keep the whole plant from dying but I think I made it worse. It has put on some pretty good growth the past 5 days.

Ide start a new seed…
Something is wrong there.

Something is wrong with this environment.
What’s your temp in Celsius
What’s your RH?
What’s your light and how height is it from the plants?

Do you have an exhaust fan? Is it exhausting to the outside world not circulating stale air?

Do you have little fans that are giving your plans a breeze?

Keep PH in range at 6.5

I would do a soil slurry test to check your true PH and tds because somethings off your plants are small.

27 degrees Celsius at 63%RH I do have a 6” clip on fan along with a 4” in-line fan with a filter it’s pulling air through the filter from inside the tent and going back into the tent. When I had it the opposite way the air would make the tent expand or contract.

Hot air gets sucked out the top and gets vented outside the house.

That’s your issue your air is stake and has no co2 in it.


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