Help before it's too late

I may have messed up?!?! I had gotten a small hydroponic herb grower for Christmas, I put my seeds in them and they are growing great, my female plant was getting too tall for the light and it broke at the stem, I am trying to mend the break but I transferred it to a soil pot. Is that ok to go from hydro to soil? I have more growing and just need to know what I should do when the others that are getting larger.

Yes you can transfer from hydro to soil. Might take a little while to recover, but should be fine. For the break in the stem, use honey and dab it on the break and tape it up with electrical tape if you have any


Man I just had a similar issue this grow. I started in a dwc and after more than a month of growth I had nute issues so I switched from hydro to soil. I used miracle grow soil and my girls are thriving and budding up like crazy. Takes time but its doable.

Thank you, that is what I was hoping, just making sure.

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Raw Honey is best, and you can use Aloe! If you need to, splint it! Welcome to ILGM forum @DixieButterfly , as @MattyBear said you can go from hydro to soil just give them some time to recover!