Help before i do something wrong again

Howdi all. Im in need of some help. Im on day 43 of autoflower grow. Ive been in igc supersoil the whole time and im starting to see some deficiency. This is only my 2nd grow and im lost it seems. What would you do to save this plant?! This started 2 days ago. I have nukeheads flower power however its very aggressive . 20210213_162456|281x500

How big of a pot are you in and do you have more of that soil? It looks like calcium to me but need more pics around the plant get close pics of a couple different leaves

It almost looks like bugs from that splotch white areas that’s notorious to thrips and mites so look closely under leaves there tiiinyy so look close thrips are long skinny and black 1cm long at most less even and mite are less then a millimeter in size

I have looked up anx down for any signs of pests and a few gnats but thats it? The leaves are very brittle. I allmost the light is too close. Could this be light burn?

2 gallon pot. Illinoise growers club super soil. No more of that soil but alot of ocean forest and happy frog.

this is only my 2nd grow so i definitely dont know how to access these issues. Can you flish a super soil and if so will it continue slow release later? I thought i was going the easy route. Lol auto flower… supersoil… only water?

Are you giving cal mag supplement … usually this time in begining of flower they are calcium magnesium nitrogen and iron hungry cal mag has all of that and is very necessary at this point

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I was giving reccomend dose every other water day . So probobly twice in last 8 days 1 tsp/gallon .I am now giving flora bloom calmag 1% nitronen. I was using a 2% nitrogen cal mag from big bloom that dropped my ph like crazy and i feel that product may be my issue. Will these dry brittle leaves come back or should i take them off?

Take em off what ml per gal of cal mag are u using …u should be up to the 5ml per gallon mark for the begging of flower and continuing grow nutes till second week from flip … but always keep cal mag at atleast 5ml gal

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You should be getting to if not already at max strength recomended on the bottle ecspecially entering flower…your phing your mix to 6.5 right?

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Yes every time. Ph 6.3 to 6.6 is my range

if you see a few chances are there are more and larvae in the soil. Could be eating at your root zone. :v:


Ty ive been letting the top soil dry pretty well inbetween waterings however ill def get that addressed ty

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