Help! Babies are browning. Diagnosis please


@PurpNGold74 no you didn’t I miss read lol sry


hey @PurpNGold74 where are your pictures?


Just for u my man… my grow has been super underwhelming. Ive definitely learnd my money’s worth but yeilds will be… minimal. Here is Berry Bomb (DEFINITELY gonna grow the photo verson. Best smelling weed ive ever smelled lol)

N this is my outside guerilla bagseed who refused to die


looking nice. i just started 6 white widow auto in a 4 x 8 tent… this will be my 2nd grow and next will be gorilla glue fem… im starting to get hooked. only thing i wont like is trimming them. lol


Lol yea sucks cutting on them. But i clipped the hell outta that bagseed practicing clones. So i know they can take a lick. Poke me on that grow if you havent so i can set to watch


will do…


ok… new grow… white widow auto… 2 babies born 9.11 and 9.12… 4 more just breaking soil yesterday… yesterday this lil girl looked good, this morning she looked like this… any thoughts? @Aolelon @BigDaddyCain @Covertgrower @elheffe702 @Laurap @MattyBear @PurpNGold74 @raustin @Whodat6



@jt123 there’s no pic so don’t know till you upload a pic lol


its uploading now… cell phone is slow


Lol ok I didn’t see pic and fig i would tell you lol


i hit save too soon


Kk no problem I’ll let you know when I see them so we can see what’s going on


She was 1 week yesterday. This morning I saw this… She is in starter soil, under 300w cfl 18" above. Just giving plain ph water. temp 82 rh 40. Her sister born a day later is looking perfect
@Aolelon @BigDaddyCain @Covertgrower @Countryboyjvd1971 @elheffe702 @Laurap @MattyBear @PurpNGold74 @raustin @Whodat66


its up…


picture up


Overwatering. Only mist the soil a few times a day at this stage. Drowning her roots can cause dampening off. Let the soil dry out between waterings. Seedlings don’t need much water at all :v:


That plant is way overwatered.


ok… thank you…so the yellowing is over water? I was misting her and the soil 3 x a day.


Yup I agree with the others
You dont need to water and get runn ofv at this stage
Light waterings or misting as @MattyBear suggested is best