Help! Babies are browning. Diagnosis please

Hi. @jt123 needs a bit of diagnosis… firstly these girl are under a SCROG and… had the flip to 12/12 Aug 1

Support ticket…

Strain; Type, gold leaf fem

Soil in pots, soil fox farm happy frog in 5 gal fabric

System type? soil

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? 6.2

What is strength of nutrient mix? na

Indoor or Outdoor indoor

Light system, size? 1000w hps

Temps; Day, Night. 76. 72

Humidity; Day, Night. 42

Ventilation system; Yes, 4" intake. 6" out through hps and 370 cfm

AC self contained vented outside tent

Co2; Yes, bag

went to 12/12 on August 1. scroged out 24 x 38

pics today
image image image image image image image

Thanks everyone


Nute burn…btw, grow light pics make it hard to see what’s going on.

pics with white light are best.

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I just did a 6.2 ph watering till runoff… how many times do I need to do that? will they come back? nute burn from what in particular, do you have any idea?

5 gallon pots. To flush is 3x that amount unless u have florakeen or sledgehammer. So 15 gallons of pH’d water. Someone else said nute burn too. If its a deficiency like i think you askd then itll help to reset your soil anyway.

Before you do. You said you used nutes correct? If so talk me through that. Ml per gallon. Which ones. How often? Sorry if u answerd on other thread. Just helps keepin all available info available

And i just looked over on the other page. That is a nice list of nutes. Im starting to think they nute burnd too… sorry for all the running back n forth bud

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no prob. thank you for helping

One thing I didn’t see mentioned…the damage is done. The leaves won’t “heal” but you will see improvement in the new growth. This looks pretty minor, don’t panic. It actually looks similar to parts of mine that got wind burned. How are your fans configured?


… should i cut the damaged leaves? I have the intake vent coming in 4" line facing the floor so it blows everything around and my other fan i pointed towards my hps light to try to keep it cooler as my 6" exhaust fan sucks the heat out of it and outside the tent.No fan now is blowing directly on the plant leaves. It also seems that when i used to water to runoff i would keep the water in the catch pan and the next day it had been either evaporated or sucked back up. Now it is sitting there until the day after. it is only a 1" or so catch pan that the 5 gallon fabric pot sits in…

here are some pics today

@elheffe702 @PurpNGold74 @raustin @Covertgrower

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I think you’ve got some deficiencies going on. What is your Ph?

6.3 yesterday in and out

could i have over dosed them with carbs

What nutes are you feeding and what is the schedule? When was the last time you fed?

fed on sunday, i was away monday and tuesday morning i saw this. starting. last night looks the same as todays pics. yesterday i watered just ph 6.3 to runoff. im using sensi bloom a&b, molasses, I used once fox farm cha ching, bud ignitor, bud candy, voodoo juice, b52…

The green leaves are very dark, almost blue. I think you’ve overloded them on nutes. I would do a good flush at 6.5 ph and see if that doesn’t fix her up. A lot of those nutes you’re using retain salts in the soil and should be flushed out periodically. Have you done any flushes yet?


Out of likes @raustin, but I was scrolling down to say this. Also, go ahead and cut off the damaged ones. They’re not doing a ton of photosynthesis at this point anyway. And it’ll help with the airflow through the canopy.

I’m going to go flip my fan, too, right now. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this, so simple. Thank you @jt123!


Those buds are looking good. The lady knows what she is talking bout. They are a dark green. Relax n pH water them for a bit. Close :eyes: though. Still. Loving the buddery. And i agree. The leaves u can pull n they fall out take’m


i have never done a full flush. I usually water until i get a good runoff once a week

Can you tell me how to do a flush since I am scrogged?

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Those deficiencies that are showing up look like a phosphorus or potassium deficiency, not sure with out closer ups.
Noticing she’s in mid flower a pk boost may help keep her on track.
@raustin is spot on with doing a flush, to flush out excess nitrogen, and then feeding with proper flower nutrient schedule.
To do a flush you gently water twice the amount of water to the amount of soil in the pot. Example. 5 gallons soil, 10 gallons of water.

I’m not sure of your feeding schedule, but I would increase flower nutrients, this is the most important time to be feeding them those specifically.

Edit, Scrogged. Since it’s immobile, as the water comes out the bottom, you can use a wet vac to suck up the water out of a tray placed underneath as its being flushed. :grin::+1: