Help assessing trichomes Amnesia Haze auto 9 weeks old

Good morning everyone. First time grower here. Growing 1 each of Amnesia Haze, Northern Lights, and Blueberry autos. All exactly 9 weeks old today but the AH developed flowers much sooner than the others. I did the best I could to get some pictures but would like your expertise. This plant started flowering around week 4 so I think it must be too soon to harvest…here are the pics…


Looking great. I’m growing the same trio. Goes to show the variation. My AMN is almost 9 weeks of flowering (13 weeks from breaking soli)! Still not ready.

I see many clear trichomes still. Maybe a couple more weeks.

Since this is my first grow, I would defer to more experienced growers who have an eye for nuances not noticed by novice eyes such as mine.

What does the whole plant look like? Any white pistils, or are they all brown and curled up into the bud.

Continued success!

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This plant ironically is the short one of the trio…only 23" tall. The others are both over 4 feet. I’m not sure if ILGM mislabeled the packs, lol.
Here’s a picture of the plant grown outdoors in coco/MG mix.


Looks like you will have one massive cola! I see white pistils still. So you may be in a couple more weeks.

I am checking trichomes everyday in hopes of seeing some cloudy ones, but, perhaps my inexperience, I only see clear glass-like globes still.

A ILGM moderator here said that my plant was showing signs of “fox-tailing” and that indicates to them that the end is near.

You can see some pics here:

I like your outdoor grow. Wish I didn’t have so many pests and incredibly high humidity levels.

Finish strong.

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The humidity has been horrible this summer.

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So here are some current pictures…i know they aren’t the best but I just can’t get a steady shot…do you think she’s ready? This is the Amnesia Haze autoflower…i have stopped feeding her for at least a week…only ph’d water.

I can’t keep my camera steady at all that close! Too many years of coffee drinking!

I notice that many of the stalks are missing their heads. I have seen that in one of mine as well. Not sure if the fan was blowing too strongly in my case, or too directly. It is hard to tell. I did see some amber trichomes unless it was a strange lighting effect/glare.

If you want more of a narcotic effect, more amber trichomes are recommended. Really depends on your needs and desired effects. Let’s see if some others can way in: @Cannabian @Covertgrower @Zee @patchman @Deal

Hope you don’t mind the tag for your input. I’m still learning.



No, I definitely appreciate as much input as I can get.

Looks like those are off the sugar leaves, not the trics. It’s why you’re seeing clear with amber.

From one or two pictures I think are them, still cloudy, no amber, yet. You’re close.


Thanks for the input @Zee.

What do make of the headless trichomes? Is that common? What would be a common cause?


As an fyi…my plants were grown outdoors and have been exposed to some windy conditions…I’ve read that wind definitely toughen up the plant overall.

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Check the calyxes not the leaves. I prefer milky, or white trichomes. Little amber as possible.

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Take a picture of the bud

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I have an extremely difficult time taking pictures but here goes…don’t know if these help

Based off of those trichomes and overall shot, I would be satisfied and chop it. Your call though.


Here’s some pictures just with my phone…

One of the pictures is a duplicate…fat fingers, lol


Naw… Just the typical wide pheno range of autos.

Looks like you still have quite a few clear trichomes.


Am kinda with covert. Chop now for a buzz high, or wait a week for couch lock. Just depends on the high you want.

Am a slight couch lock smoker. After work smoker :slight_smile:


I have super Skunk in the garden. Doing great 3 nice plants taller than me. One plant has some darker trichomes on one branch and still white on others. Can I just cut the one branch? Sorry if I’m jumping on someone else’s post. Can’t find how to start my own thread.

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I’m just a first time grower myself but I have seen that others have done just what you are asking about and I have done it as well.
It seems to me that the lower branches develop slower possibly due to being blocked from sunlight.