Help asap added nutes too late but plants look ready?

Yeah, I was impressed with the results too. I’m not sure that we have all of the information.


I’m so noisy! I STAY READING for hours on here! I’ve learned so much though! I see you pay attention! @MidwestGuy

I would like to keep the 36cent account

You have, mate. You’ve been here a month and have spent 96 hours reading posts. Impressive. Good work!


Hey folks! Do you guys think it’s time for harvest? This is my first grow. These are big buds from ILGM. We’re on like day 136+. Had some challenges and learned some stuff, but really don’t know if I should begin harvesting.

Here are a few more….

From what you showed, 5 to 6 weeks at least. Wait till almost no white pistils . Then look at trichomes color

Those bud forming areas will fatten up tremendously from this point


You have just started flowering. You have, probably, a few months to go. You should start your own thread so it’s not cluttering up other peoples threads.


@BobbyDigital thanks for the info.

@VirginiaGrowBoy thanks!

Do you guys think any of these are ready to harvest. I have the strains labeled in the pics

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These are all the same og kush plant. I believe it is the closest to harvest if not ready now please lmk

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