Help! Are these male plant?!

12 days into flower and no sign of pistils. Is it still too soon to tell?
These are two different plants…

Here’s a full view from the 1st pic

You got balls dude, that’s a male sorry to say!

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It’ll drop pollen soon, so if you have others around, get rid of him immediately

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The first two pics are of different plants. Are they both male?

Which one?

Definitely the first pic, most likely the second one as well.
The second pic could be a hermie, I’d say to wait a little longer to tell. But you should get rid of that first pictured plant before it spreads pollen

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Already done. Took it to from bedroom closet to kitchen, chopped it down and into trash bag.
Thank you for your help.

I think I was in denial, it was growing so strong and this is my first grow, I was proud! BUT I have feminized Blue Dream seeds I’ve been itching to start. Thought about doing a SCROG but that may be too complicated for a newby like me…


Don’t be scared to do SCROG, it’s really not that hard! And even if you !@#$ up, you’ll only gain experience from the whole attempt!

Alright, you twisted my arm. I’ll do it! One question…I have a 2x2.5 gorilla tent. How many should I attempt? I was thinking just one plant SCROG would fill that space…

One plant should be able to fill that if you have good light and growing techniques. There are enough forums and blog articles on this site to give you the skills to practice and working with one plant will let you focus on the grow.


I agree with @stomper. You can practice with clones from it as well!

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Well, this last grow I used cfl’s and I think I did alright. I’d like to stick with those.
So I’ll try with just one and like you said I’ll be able to focus.
Gonna start reading up on SCROG. This site is definitely helpful.

Clones, great idea!
But to get the first one started…I germinated using the paper towel technique last time. Is this how you guys get the ball rolling?
(Don’t want to screw things up, Blue Dream seeds were a little pricey)

Paper towel method for germination is what I do. Always worked for me!

And you should totally do a blue dream thread, because I would love to follow it. I’m about to order some myself!

I’m on my very first grow ever and am doing a scrog grow. Its not terribly complicated at all. Try it out!

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I’m on the first grow ever. Germinated 2 seeds and decided to do a last minute Scrog. Scrog was going great and much easier than I thought. You just let them grow into it and as it does you pull them back further apart to let the shoots inside get more light. Right now I’m down to one, with the help of the guys here I was able to identify a male before it could ruin my female.
Don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment. As I was trimming off the lower shoots and fan leaves to allow the plant to focus on the top I decided to take a chance and place the cuttings into jiffy pods. I never expected them to survive, but 4 of 4 from the female rooted. Now I have them vegging while my main in flowering.
Just continue reading and just watch them. The plants will show signs of what they need. You have done a great job raising the 2, and now you know some of the do’s and don’t’s. This time around you are garranteed females. Take your own notes to keep track of feedings and any cutting you do, it helps to look back to see how you progress.


I actually have four going. Even did the FIM on all four. Just put the other two into flower two days ago…they are also very strong and healthy but all of these seeds were given to me so hopefully I’ll get one female. I’ll post up some pics of the other two later.
I keep a calendar journal of water/feeding, pH levels, height. I finally got the hang of gradually using nutes and using pH up.
I will do a grow journal on here once I get it going.


Here are the othe

r two. I put them into flower two days ago. Hopefully I’ll get a female, if not I’ll be starting that SCROG.

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Don’t get discouraged @Jpositive - You are off to a great start. And I suggest that you try the SCROG, after all, what’s the worst that could happen? Try it and have fun experimenting :relaxed: