Help? Are these leaves turning yellow? First time grower

Why are the leaves on this plant turning this color? I think it is getting plenty of water.

Have you been monitoring ph?

I have not. Do I check the soil or the run off water? I have 7 plants in the same soil and location only this one has the leaves changing colors. Also the stalk is much darker than the others.

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Check your runoff. Looks like you’re starting to lockout which would suggest a pH issue :sunglasses:



They can’t absorb nutrients from the soil when the PH is incorrect. The target range for soil is 6.2-6.8. 6.5 being the sweet spot.
This is what’s causing the reddish-purple stems. Phosphorus deficiency.
All pheno’s will react differently to this and at a different rate. If left unchecked, all your plants will look like this eventually.
You need a good PH pen. Not the strips or the ones with the water meter, as all these are unreliable. Once this is aquired, you can test your runoff.


And also check the ph going in after you add nutes if you’re using any? But yes looks honestly like it’s starting to develop a nitro problem along with ph maybe more?

Chlorine maybe in the water. I’m pretty sure I didn’t use good water one watering and almost chlorined them to death.