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Hi guys. If someone could help me that would be great. I am a first time grower. I have 2 super skunk autos growing. They are approximately 7weeks old from germination. The pistols have started to pop out. They only have a few levels of branches and the bid is starting to grow. I use 3 led lights. 1-100w 2-65w and 3- 65w. I water ever other day and use nuts. Any advice on anything. Will I even get a nice amount of colas and bud? How much longer will it be till harvest? I have them in a box lined with Mylar. I have added a blue light which is 35 w. And a heat light at 250w. I turned the heat light off because it started to wether the plants.


Don’t be so anxious. Next since you’re going small make sure your pot is in a water reservoir. This will help mitigate waterings and slow you down a bit. Fill out a support ticket and we can have a better understanding and offer better guidance. My very first grow was with store bought LEDs they will work. Expect a yield of 1-3 oz. Per plant because those lights don’t have the power to give you big plants. Keep close @ 6-12" the “heat” (red bulb) is way too hot for what you’re doing so disregard it. LED is tricky because your lights kinda have different focal or “hot” zones. Its okay feed according to schedule and try to avoid drowning. It is best to do the pot lift test for autos
They look good. Just branching out you’re nowhere close to a flower stage yet. Let her grow. Good luck


Autos=3 months


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Another question if I did lst would that give me more buds?


Glad you created a thread @hicksmyriah1 Welcome to the forum.

With autos you have to start that training early and only if they are strong. At this point at day 50 you may want to let it just grow and research LST auto and prepare for the next one. Autos are on a set life span and 3 months and done most of the time, I’ve had some go over 130 days but some even finish at 89 days total depending on the strain.

I agree with @Viktor7 , those lights are very low powered. She looks healthy though surprisingly. I run two 2 450w LED and only use them for a quarter of the time in my grows.

With LST you are going to either need the sun to help recover or better lights.

With this currently grow what kind of temperatures is your girl living in? Also where is your water coming from and are you ph’ing it?


Also more blue light will keep your plant short and stalky rather than taller. Lights grow towards blue light, so if you have too much of it too close, they will stop reaching for it. Also are your those your leds true watts or equivalent wattage? There are 2 differences, a lot of led and cfl will post their equivalent wattage in bigger letters than their actual wattage to confuse consumers. Also skip the heat lamp, they are extremely bad for growing. You’re plants should start to stretch a bit in the first couple weeks of flower. Some usually double or triple in size, but many factors can play a role in it.


On autos I would just let them do there thing you past the point to top them just love them and keep doing what your doing they look great no more heat light :wink: that is one nice thing about autos the will grow in almost any condition and light Schedule


Yes I use tap water I let it sit for 24 hours or longer before I use it. I tied it down and put it in the sun before I even read this would that help if I keep it? It actually look like it has gotten bigger since I did that. I thought about moving it back to the closet. And it’s air conditioned closet in a box with Mylar


Yeah, I’m sure a lot of chlorine is evaporated with the sun. I’ve always ph’d my water, well water, but I’d think you’d probably be fine with the water you are using.
Ideally you want to stay in the 70’s temperature wise. No heat lamp necessary.

The sun is free energy, it works well but you don’t have to go that route if it’s not feasible.

So far your girl looks really healthy with the lights you are currently using. But I’m sure you’d be looking at possibly twice the size (if not five times the size) in height with a more powerful light source.
I dig that you are using non-conventional ways though, with your current lights.


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Chloramines take a lot longer to evaporate compared to chlorine, unfortunately my water has chloramines. I found out by adding Asorbic Acid(vitamin C) it breaks the chemicle bond between chlorine and ammonia


Good point @Aolelon, I don’t deal with city water so I tend to wash over those details.

@hicksmyriah1 you may want to do some research on what type of water treatment (specific to your geographic area) your city applies to your tap water. Possibly even test it. Knowing what you are watering with can significantly help with your grow.


Hi guys thanks for all the advice. I will be doing some research tonight. But I think I’ve ran into another problem are these males? Growing. The site told
Me it should have only been female seeds what are these.

on my other plant I noticed the pistolis turning brown anyone know what that is? This is a super skunk auto at about 8-9 weeks


Not sure look like a ball sack to me it could have hermied from stress if something went wrongbut im just a newb id wait until the pros come around but it was a good looking plant


Ewwwww!!! Nanners. Yes! Its a dude.


@hicksmyriah1 I’m with @Josh1126 on this . I’m no pro either but I think something stressed your plant that made it hermie . In the photo it looks like the bigger leaves might be curling a little bit .


Aw, man. Sorry for your bad luck. Honestly, for being 7 wks old, they appear very stunted. Possibly they experienced some sort of major stress? That would explain the stunted size & the balls.


Wait until u see more than one in a bunch to make sure.