Help after overwatering (I think) first 2 seedlings

I’m pretty sure I’ve overwatered my first 2 autoseeds. First one I just doused with water shortly after it sprouted and it died soon after. Second one got a bit further, I used a spray bottle and was a lot more limited but still managed to kill it about 5-6 days after sprouting. I only sprayed it about 4 times, enough to just soak the top layer of the soil, but sure enough it started withering soon after and went the same way as the first. Other than that the conditions have been pretty good I think. Sitting on a reasonably bright windowsill in warm weather and good growing soil.

Does that sound like overwatering or could something else be going wrong? And any thoughts/suggestions you have before I give my 3rd a shot would be appreciated :grin:


Seedlings don’t need a lot of light,might be too hot and bright on window sill.
I would keep it out of direct sunlight,may be why they died.
Once your seed emerges from the soil, place clear cup over seedling and spray inside of cup and seedling will get moisture from inside cup.
Let seedling search for water ,water around edge of clear cup,keep water away from stem.
You don’t want the soil constantly wet.
Are you going to grow outside or under lights?


It may be good, but is it cannabis friendly. Miracle-Gro, Vigiro and other brands from stores like Home Depot aren’t designed for cannabis.

All cannabis needs for the first couple weeks is low intensity lighting, a humid environment, and little to no watering. A humidity dome (clear plastic cup) spritzed inside with distilled water and placed over the sprout will suffice.

A window sill will be ok for the first couple of days only, as the glass blocks the necessary UV rays needed. The plants will stetch like crazy

And lastly, welcome aboard @Thatguyfromphilly !!! Lots of great growers here to help get things on the right track. Good luck and happy growing!


Hey thanks!
I will be growing outside eventually. Got my “cup” setup, I guess I’ll spray the inside of it once every day or two so that it stays humid, hope that isn’t overwatering again hah.

It may be good, but is it cannabis friendly. Miracle-Gro, Vigiro and other brands from stores like Home Depot aren’t designed for cannabis.

It is generic soil so not designed for cannabis specifically. I’ve also heard cocoa is apparently a good growing medium? Right now I’m just trying to keep things simple and the plants alive.

The plants will stetch like crazy

Yeah both of my first 2 really shot up like rockets, and I have to wonder if that also contributed to their deaths. Is that a sign of them not getting enough light and searching for more?

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This is how I do it.
Put seedling on saucer and I put about 1/4 in of water in saucer and put dome on top.
Water humidifies inside of dome and I don’t have to worry about spraying it multiple times a day as the water drips back down into saucer and rises again and it adds a little water to pot from bottom. Makes it easier for me.

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U may wanna start to use plastic solo cups or.nursery bags to start seeds in also as they need lots of drainage and oxygen to roots and a glass cup or porcelain cup won’t help much in that area. Any cup u have u can make the most amount of holes in without making it weak for everything to fall out of will be alot better than a coffee cup I’d think also. Plus if u use like a clear solo cup to start with a colored cup on the outside to block out light u can see the root growth as it happens in the cups. Nursery bags are fairly cheap also at like 10. Ucks or less for 100ct pack of bags. I use the 4x6 biodegradable nursery bags off Amazon and they work wonderful. I can keep a plant growing in them bags til I decide to uppot them and they seem to be pretty easy to care for even after 4 months of being in the nursery bags. Lol.