Help a novice out :)

Question from a fellow grower:

This is day 15 since I planted my germinated seed. Day 18 since I placed my seed in water. I killled one of my blueberries :cry:. I placed her in too deep into the soil. My other babies seem cold as I can’t always have the temperature correct. I am not happy with the organic soul that I used. Not sure if I was over watering since leaves were drooping. Yesterday I let them go a bit longer with out water and they were less droopy but a bit more dry. I also got a bigger humidifier that last long. Humidity is also something that I am adjusting to. They have been growing slowly. Is that ok since this is my first time? The plants in the videos I watch are a bigger than mine, but they are experts and I am still a novice. Any suggestions?


Hello there fellow grower. I hope you join our community. There are many growers here who are willing to help in your quest to grow.

But to your problem, let me tell ya, I to have 4 seedlings that poped from from paper towel back on January the 3rd 2019
and it’s January 29th and here is a pic of the girls
The two other girls are the same as these.

So don’t feel so bad mine are slow for what ever reason. But when they take root and take off and take off they will you’ll have all you can do to keep up and here is another pic. Point in view …


Not sure if you have some holes in the bottom of those cups. If not cut some holes on the bottom of the sides so it will drain through and don’t water until the top soil is dry at least a quarter to a half inch. I grow in a hydro system and would have them already going in their final home.

This one will be given away to a buddy once it’s bigger.

Here they are and you can see they’re not very big.


This was helpful thank you. Yesterday I ordered some more stuff: calmag, a heater that blows warm air, ph balance stuff. Glad to see that mine are not the only ones this small during this time of the year.


I am trying this set up with a small heater and a small fan. I got my defuser defusing melaleuca and lavender and my humidifier. I think I may have to turn the heater off when it gets too hot. I have ran out of outlets. I am going to have expand on that too. My cal-mag and molasses came in today and I added a bit of that to my nutrient water. Still waiting on the PH balance stuff. The leaves were a little yellow today. I think I waited too long on the watering. I am thinking of getting more growing lights. I hope my girls survive.

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I think some of your concerns are normal, waiting for your baby girls grow up. I see someone already suggested hole in cups,do you have a spray bottle? Not a fan of the plastic cups, they have to breath. I always explain to my wife, they are like infants at this stage and you want to provide everything to them like a baby…not too wet…not too dry…warm but not hot…or cold… Hope they make it.

If you are in good soil, stop giving nutes. Your plants are more at risk of nutrient burn right now than starving for lack of food.

If you haven’t already; invest in a digital PH meter. I like the Apera PH20 but there are many others. This is the most used tool in your growers’ toolbox.

Cannabis plants respond well to going from wet to dry. If you don’t allow the plants to dry between waterings you risk damping off the plant and will see stunted and slow growth. As @NTMAREMACH pointed out you should have plenty of holes in those cups. I too would be in a big pot at this point to avoid damage to the tap root.

If you place a clear solo cup over each one you can eliminate the humidifier.

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I do have holds in the cup. I will turn the fans off and see how they do. I had read that it was better to start fanning them early. So they can get adjusted to their environment. The fans are the wind as an outside plant experiences.

Since they were auto seeds I can just pot in a three gallon pot? Right? And avoid the transplanting. Although I don’t know if the roots can capture the water if the pot is too big.

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My PH stuff came in today. I thought that because I had bought distilled water that they would be ok with that. But I guess not. My PH was low. So hopefully now with the PH they will start living up. They are still slightly yellow and droopy. I am also trying the clear bags over them today and see how they do.

One thing you should be aware of - a digital pH meter will not get an accurate reading of distilled water because of the lack of “anything” in the water to read. It actually has a pH of 7 but your meter won’t read that.
When doing nutrients, you can add them first, then check your pH.
For just plain watering, you might try emptying 2 cups out of the distilled water and replacing it with some tap water.
After some experimentation, I’ve found that I can usually get a pH of 6.5 with distilled water and General Hydroponics pH Up / pH down solution by doing:
4 drops of pH Down. Wait 5 minutes.
8 drops of pH Up. Wait 5 minutes.
4 more drops of pH Up. Wait 5 minutes.

You may have to do some experimentation of your own to come up with a formula that works for you.

Thanks for the tip. I tried both the digital reading and the color test. So because the water was distilled was probably the reason why I got different readings from the digital and the color test. I Will try adding some tap water and then do the up and down solutions. It’s amazing how quickly the PH balance changes with the solution.

thanks for all your suggestions. My girls are starting to green up now that I transplanted them and got the PH correct. I am trying the clear cup idea for humidity. I put holes on them so they can breathe. On my next transplantation, I want to transplant them in their final pot cuz I don’t think I have the strength to do two more transplantations. If my plant is going to yield 450 per m2, what size final pot will my plant need?Will a 5 gallon be ok or an 8 gallon?

I’ve had good luck with the 5 gallon cloth pots for my autoflowers. I’ve noticed others use them too. The roots like the breathable cloth. Also less chance of over watering in cloth. Good luck with your girls :v::green_heart:

I was reading about those clothes pot and was highly considering. I think I will give it a try. I also read though that they need more water and attention in a clothe pot.

Yes more frequently. Mine need it usually every 3 days. Every 2 days if they are extra thirsty/hungry in flower.

Hi everyone. I’m a total novice in hydroponic growing. I got 19 ladies in Villma (name of the hydroponic system) with 450W LED light. I made my ladies from seeds and today is day 14. After day 10 (from seeds) I put them in perlite adding half of the nutrition I should. I’m having problems with wrap leaves. My first mistake was that I put ladies in Jiffy pellets. My second mistake was when I washed perlite I washed it with tap water (ph 7.4). Before I notice my mistake I lost 2 days. After that, I started adding ph- from hesi. Now ph is somewhere between 5.6 and 6.4 because of perlite (I still have to add ph- twice a day). I read somewhere that my problem could be because of too much water (rot roots). So my question is should I turn off the hydroponic system when light is off? Should I turn off for the whole time for the next couple of days just adding them a bit of water every few hours? Or should I just regulate water pump on minimum? and that white thing on perlite (looks like salt) is that normal?