Help a noob identify a pest problem plz b4 it gets bad x.x

What would I use to kill thrips that won’t harm my plant. I am not yet flowering . Also I think I seen some aphids… tiny black bug that jumps ? I think it jumps. I dressed the ground with diatemaceous earth should I blow onto plant? Its organic. Man the problem is starting to spread notice shiny whiteish spots I think its thrips.

Im new so I can’t identify that. But I have captain jacks dead bug and neem oil for when the time comes that I need them. Both I bought from lowes. I know you shouldn’t spray either on budding plants especially the neem oil. And make sure you spray them at lights out as the wet leaves could burn. Lots of ventilation also.
I am sure one of the experienced growers will be here soon to help.
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The DE is a good start


Top pick looks like leaf miners, bottom are probably thrips. If not in flower, I know some on here dont like it but Neem oil once a week will knock em right out. Otherwise they Cap Jack’s dead bug brew.


Ok … I did have 2 caterpillar on I caught them fast. Think that’s what damaged top pic… found the little rascals after looking they like to pile up on the stem of leaves. Man never had thrips. Safe to spray the de on the leaves?

Negative on the caterpillars. They will eat the leaves just leaving holes or half chewed leaves. Leaf miner are actually many types of insects that lay eggs. The larva live inside the leaf eating it on the inside. The trailing in the leaf is a tell tail sign.

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Captain Jack’s fine to use in flower to best of my knowledge. I agree best not to have leaves wet during lights on.

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Man I had a feeling I have a multiple bug issue. I am growing outdoors in california. I have a tree near my plants I wonder if they are coming from that

Ok man I knew it. I read the pest section of the site last night and once I got to leafminer I knew that’s what that was… but I did have the caterpillars so I thought maybe that’s what it was from, thank you bow. So a leafminer is from a fly right? I’ve been seeing flys out back alot. Should I try the diotamaceous first I dressed soil with it already,but I saw a video that the dude said to blow it on the leaves is that safe with organic stuff

And I remember seeing you cant kill leafminer right? Or you gotta squish em or something like that

I should have explained better. The term leaf miner is generic, meaning there are many bugs with larva that do the same damage. Could be flies. Problem with DE the insects have to walk through it to be effective. While this might kill the flies, it will not touch the larva inside the leaf. Sprays will be more effective in penetrating the leaves to kill the larva and will also deter the flies or what ever laid the eggs.

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You.can also just pluck the leaves showing leaf miners.

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Looks like thrips. Jacks will kill them. It’s a spinosad product.

Where can I find jacks?

You can find jacks on amazon, or at a big box store.
Jacks deadbug. Same price as a big box store on amazon. At least around me. I purchased the concentrated version.
Bonide (BND250) - Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew, Ready to Use Insecticide/Pesticide (32 oz.),natural


I just came out to feed and water my girls and literally caught this little sucker in the action now you can tell that grasshopper is NOW a smash Hopper
I use neem oil as pretty good


Haha thrips tore 1 of my plants up. Wasn’t that bad 2 days later leaf destroyed

The thing is; you KNOW you have pests. That means you will have to stay on top of it for the rest of the grow. I use 3 products to keep plants happy: 3% peroxide and water, Captain Jack’s Deadbug Brew and Safer Caterpillar killer.

Wet plant down thoroughly after removing all heavily affected leaves. Really douche the plant down with 50/50 of peroxide and distilled water. Wait 24 hours then apply either Captain Jack’s or Safer. Wait 5 days then repeat with peroxide then use Safer. Wait 5 days then repeat, using C.J’s. Alternate for the entire grow.

Plan on doing a bud wash at harvest.