Help a newbie out... bud rot and a question about timing

I moved this plant into an indoor tent on Monday to avoid freezing temps. I assume this moldy looking stuff is bud rot. What can I do at this point? And judging by the pics how long do you think it would be until I harvest? The plant is either a Blue Cookies or a Candy Cane. I planted one of each without labeling them… live and learn I guess. I’ll do better next time.

If it’s not extensive cover the infected area with a plastic bag and chop it off being careful not to let it touch any other buds. Ensure you have adequate airflow inside and low humidity should help.

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I’m sure I did not have adequate airflow prior to this morning. I do now. Humidity is sitting about 65% and I don’t currently have a way to control that. It’s been raining all day which doesn’t help. :frowning:

I dont even see pistils yet…Im guessing more than a month left…maybe two

Bud Rot Info Identifying Bud Rot, Mold & Gray Spores on Marijuana Plants

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Put some fans up and blast the hell out of her. My boy prob lost two 6 ft girls last week rolling the dice. When in doubt cut it out. But yeah airflow should help and consider maybe getting some big fam leaves off to increase spacing between buds. Again airflow.

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might consider spraying with peroxide …

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I got her all trimmed up. Does it also make sense to spray with peroxide as well? Just to be safe?

Also, for my next grow should I get rid of this soil and use new stuff to make sure the spores aren’t still there? Or do they not last that long anyway? I will be using cloth pots next grow round.