Help a first timer diagnose? Can't pinpoint the problem

Help! Noob here, finally attempting my first grow after many years of wanting to try and I’m having several different symptoms. Two plants, almost 4 weeks from germination. On the first plant, older growth is having brown/yellowing issues, and suddenly this week there are silver/whitish spots showing up on some of the new growth (though I did get some water/nutes on a couple leaves, maybe that caused the marks?). Other plant looks better, but has a little bit of leaf curling/twisting happening. Using all General Hydroponics for the nutes. The Micro/Gro/Bloom trio and CalMag, along with Armor Si, Diamond Nectar, and Rapidstart for the roots. Am I crazy or do they not also look a bit underdeveloped for being almost a month old? Any help is greatly appreciated guys, thanks so much!

Blue Dream
Method: Coco
Vessels: fabric pots
PH 6.0
EC 1400
Viparspectra 600w, 30" above plants
Temps; 83 day, 80 Night
Humidity; 45-55%
Ventilation system; 6" exhaust fan


Hey friend, welcome to the forum. Looks like nute burn in one. Nitrogen toxicity in two. So too heavy handed in either case. I would wait until someone backs that up before jumping to any conclusions. I am learning myself.

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Numbers look good. It could use a bit more humidity, around 70%. The marks on the plant look like spots where water sat for too long with the lights on.

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Thanks for the replies y’all. So the yellow and brown on the older growth, that’s likely from too many nutes?