Help a beginner out!


Question from a fellow grower:
I live near Beaumont, Tx…
I took bagseeds and threw them in a pot (no pun intended) on my back porch some time in August (I know bad time). I FINALLY figured out and separated female from male. Now I have 2, what seem to be healthy, females, in I’m guessing and early vegetative cycle.I have trimmed several of the lower fan leaves. I am assuming that all they need now is LOTS of light. This is an outdoor pot on my back porch. I do bring inside during inclement/cold spells. I need some direction on the next stages. I have attached 2 pictures and would value any input.
Thank you


From the pics your in the early flowering stage now and will need to let it do its thing if you put it under grow lights and moved indoors you could go 12/12 cycle and let it grow dude
Good luck with your grow


If it an out door plant your doing good. You can’t make out door plants grow faster. You need to let it grow. Your on track so keep it up.


I come out this ! morning and my dachshund has chewed the fan leaves…lol
We’ll see. Thanks for input.


Awe man lol :rage: Bad dog :dog:
I had my boxer puppy do that just before harvest of a outdoor grow caught him before he got to deep into it
Man was he calm after that lmao my wife was so concerned she brought him to the vet the next day he was stoned for almost 36 hours just laying on the floor :hugs::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Good luck with it


If you can put them in a small closet and buy an ipower HPS 600 WATT from Amazon they’ll do just fine

I power 600w light system 5

Amaozn: Ipower 600 watt digital switchable ballast



If you buy a light louver you can double the space. And no extra light on electric bill


I think she was wanting greens to chew to throw up. She is fine. Plants are OK…at least they aren’t dieing… But on 12/12 light —when it isn’t pouring down rain… I’ll keep you posted😀


Will be watching:grinning:


It’s been 14 days and I still have plants. I topped one of them but the other one has such a nice top on it — probably a little late on pruning. But I put out in the AM and bring in at dark. I am considering purchasing seeds for the spring, but still trying to figure out what need for my ailments—
Scoliosis, spinal stenosis,. Insomnia, and something that DOESN’T make me want to get up and do something.
Any suggestions?


Okay, 21 days out from first post and I think they are looking great. Now we have had some cold weather here (low 30’s to mid 50’s)— not out in sunshine and 20mph north wind, for very long-- and some rainy days so no sun but the light in the laundry room.
However, I am VERY proud of my 2 girls.for hanging in there with me. I trimmed the fan leaves and I did top one, but I just couldn’t bring myself to cut on the other. Now if i can figure out how to upload the new pics.


@cheapsweater .if you want a great high .with out the couch lock ,i would highly suggest super silver haze . and it is a very good producer of yield .
Hammer .


What I am getting now makes me want to get up and move. Want something that is good for couch lock​:grinning:, at least at the end of the day. During the day I do pretty good with the “local” stuff. Just don’t like being alert at 10pm. And I am hyper active so it’s hard for me to slow down. :blush:


Any indica strains, pure or hybride dominant will give you the couch lock you’re searching for :wink: Afghan is one pure indica, Gold leaf is 60% indica dominant, just to name a few :wink: :innocent:

Hoping that you’ll find this helpful :innocent::v:@cheapsweater


Thanks, am looking to buy seeds for a summer grow…:grinning:


Well, that plant did very well until we went away for a few days, dog got mad and ate it.
I havee put other seeds out and have only one growing. However, I purchased a grow tent and 10 Super silver Haze. I am still waiting on all to arrive and will post here and on other forums here on my 1st real grow.


Bad dog :dog:
That stinks @cheapsweater
Looking forward to you new thread I’m growing some super silver haze now it looks great :+1:

Tag me when you get going is like to follow along
Still min 4 weeks from harvest maybe 5


Here’s a question: during vegetative state, can I trim the fan leaves in order to get more sun to lower nodes? This is an outside plant


Hope mine turns out that good…


Another couple of questions: from seedling to harvest, how far should lights be from plant?

When I see other’s grows, I see the main cola with branching “colas” from which i see buds (like your pic @Countryboyjvd1971). How do you get the “secondary” branch to grow? My attempts have been one cola and then buds from that cola.
(I’m probably not using correct terms)…i will try to find pics of what I’m referring to. :slight_smile: