Help a beginner out

Question from a fellow grower:

new to growing…I have 4 plants not much but they were a B-day gift any way the are about 1foot high…one is 2-3 inches…have a tent have filter carbon fan… I also have a heater . a humidity unit . a fan inside…working with 4 fabric pots…have 4 lgt45w open sesame , cha-ching , and beastie bloom.fertilizer…and a air pump…what is the air for

It would be for the roots somehow

air pump? pic? what is your question about the pump?

Join us and we will be happy to help you out start to finish :wink:

Best advice is post a pic, there are some super amazing people on this forum who won’t hesitate to send you in the right direction. It’s that or write as much specifications about each and every item you can, hence posting pics lol. Here are my ILGM Black Widows, it’s my first grow as well. My ladies turned a month over the weekend. I chose not to do an auto flower because I am a fan on process. Good luck with your grow.