Help 911 is this powery mildew or frost?

I picked up some powdery mildew from a friends grow, who thought it would be a good idea to run a humidifier 24, 7. I’m new to growing so I didn’t regognize what it was until it was too late. I’ve treated the plants but I wonder is this frost or mildew.

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Gonna need some pictures…


I’m trying to get pic off my phone.

Click this button then wait for it to fully loaded and hit reply

that button is not in my window

Post a screenshot of what your see

thanks for trying I’ll try later

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Good luck

Are you in flower (12/12)? If so, how long? Are you in veg? If so, how long? Plus pictures will help tremendously.

Tool bar on the top hit this and wait till pictures loadimage

Here is a pic of the bud. Thank you

Nice and frosty good work

I’m 1 month into flower. Here is the pic. Also the button for adding a file wasn’t on the reply box in the forum.

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I think what you were worried is pretty mildew, is actually beautiful frosty trichome goodness.

Agreed. I see no signs of mildew. Just trics