HELP. 4 weeks what is happwning


Do you think its too late to start a scrog?


Sorry been gone. Its as already stated new growth. I go about 8 weeks in veg & if you do scrog will work. If youre going to flip i would just lst as stems start hardening in flower. Right now you can manipulate the stems but they start becoming stiff as you get into flower.


@Laurap Thank you. I am building my scrog today and will feed them through tonight… how high should the scrog beabove the soil?


I dont scrog as i like to move my girls around so i use the lst method. But folks that scrog usually go 20-24" from flooring.


flooring? but different pots have soil at different heights… can you give me a guess how high above the top of soil in the pot?


I cant but lets ask @Countryboyjvd1971. Hi sweetie CB


Good morning @Laurap how is everything
@jt123 Normally you want to be 28 or so inches from top of soil this give you room yo service the plant and keep the stem clean of growth under screen

Here a good guide to help

And to encourage you a picture of my last uears outdoor scrog
One plant under a 4x8 foot screen

What the heck one of this years
I just put screen over her a week and a half ago


at 8 weeks my girls are just 15". Gold leaf fem… and bag… please look at my pics and tell me if I should wait or do it now? im soo confused LOL


I can Always count on you my friend :wink:


@jt123 I start flush in 3days


This is my first scrog. Does it look right. 20" off ground. 22 x 44 each. 5 gal pots. 2-1000w mh. Monday i am going to flip to flower
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