Help! 21 days since coming above-ground. Stunted due to nutrient burn? :(

I accidentally put molasses on these. It was meant for my flowering plants. :frowning: Given this is day 21, am I screwed? Should I get some 1g pots for them and hurry up and start over? I can’t imagine they could possibly get to full size. Northern Lights with purple clip, Blue Dream with black, not that it matters.

I can’t believe how every time I think “this time, I’ll get it right,” I make some really stupid error that ends up causing cataclysm. Maybe next time… :confused:

Here’s the full garden. None of these have had an easy grow, but at least the AK-47 top-right, and GSCE beside it, will bear decent fruit in decent volume. One day I will get it right. Sigh.

Your other plants are doing good but those little ones are 21 days old?
They look 5 days old to be honest.

Don’t use the peat pots they dry out, the roots grow into them but can’t grow through them fast enough, damage when transplanting etc.

What soil are you in?
What’s the tds of the waste you normally give?
Do you ph it?
Are they photos or autos?
If they are photos and under tla proper light scedule they can bounce back if given the right care and enough time.


@Nicky No, they are autos, I’m afraid. This is Fox Farms Light Warrior soil, and they’re coco coir pots. I’ve used peat pots and coco coir pots before with success, but using the Light Warrior was new. The nutrient burn was new, too. :frowning: I guess I should try to figure out when I did that. Maybe that’s when their growth stopped, and I didn’t think until now, “gee, they should be a whole lot bigger…”

I pH to 6.5 as best I can with pH tester strips. My pH pen is great, but it won’t read empty water, which is really absurd. I don’t TDS, but I use a fair amount of liquid nutrients and some granular pH up (TNB Labs); it is all organic stuff. I don’t use any of that on seedlings, though–well, the pH up… Otherwise I use reverse osmosis water, because my tap water is hella high in TDS.

Other plants have had tortured grows, too, I’m afraid, but hey, this means next set, I have another shot to not make bad mistakes.

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Molasses shouldn’t cause nutrient burn,


You need a tds pen
PH strips don’t work good enough you need to use a PH pen although most cheap ones really don’t work very well.

If those are autos I would write them off, their veg cycle is over and they didn’t grow. Best to try again. Don’t use coco or pest pots.


Medium is very wet as well: damping off will stunt autos too.


Light warrior is a seed starter product that drains well and makes it harder to over water, but it has no nutrients in the product, it’s mostly just peat moss. You aren’t experiencing nutrient burn, more like nutrient deficiency.

I use light warrior in the top inch or two of my pots, but in the bottom of the pots I use happy frog or ocean Forest. Something that provides what the plant needs once the roots are established.

And don’t use peat or coco pots, it’s easy transplanting from plastic cups or pots. The peat pots and coco pots take too long to decompose for use with autoflowers and slows down their root development at a critical time in their growth cycle.

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Thanks so much for the help, everyone. Once again, my mistakes, and help from fine folks, has completely changed how I plan to do things… Not a comfortable way to learn, but I am slowly learning… From now on, Just going to soak, then plant right into the soil (maybe a little pocket of Light Warrior inside other soils). No more starter pots.

I’ll get some 1 gallon pots for these little fellers, and when there’s room soon, I’ll start three new seeds in 7 gallon pots. I’m sure they’ll be much larger at 3 weeks, and if not, it will be another round of lesson-learning…!


Update in case anyone is interested. I’m curious what theyll do. They’re certainly much happier. I can’t imagine either will produce a nug. Perhaps! 4-5 weeks old now so should technically be in pre flower.

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Be patient grasshopper :wink:
Listen to the advice of the experts above :point_up_2:

@Caligurl I thought I’d better post an update on these poor little things, too. They seem to have made up for lost time somewhat and I think will have a much longer cycle than an auto is supposed to. 10 weeks so far, unless I did the math wrong, so I guess they’d normally still have another couple weeks at least. The taller (blue dream) might even produce 1/8 of decent stuff. We shall see. I just wanted them to be able to live their lives, however it turns out. They seem to need a lot of water! I know they don’t look like much, but they’ve had hard lives!

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The time listed in the description is weeks of flowering, not total weeks of growing. Your last update they hadn’t started flowering yet which was 4 weeks ago. You probably have at least 4 more weeks.

The buds get bigger and better near the end.

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It does appear you have a watering issue, the droopy leaves don’t look happy.

When is the last time you watered and how much did you give it.

Are you feeding it anything? The yellowing leaves mid flower are a concern

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I’m not being very exact or careful with the poor things. I usually just water them when I water the big two, and it’s maybe a solo cup of water or more, but maybe not enough (and maybe should be daily). I do give them some Girl Flower Power with molasses, some cal-mag, and some kelp. And myco. They barely made it out of seedling stage, so they have never looked quite right.

What are you growing in? I didn’t see anything but light warrior listed above.

If you want to avoid nutrients then get some worm poop and top dress the soil. It will slow the yellowing of the leaves.

Well, in my normal grow, I use supersoil. But when these ones went to poop (because of using the wrong soil), I put them into a 1 gallon pot together in perlite and Fox Farm Strawberry Fields. I’m feeding them plenty of nutes I think, just not often enough maybe? Honestly, they are kind of an afterthought since my main two are in 7 gallon pots. I just wanted them to live. I couldn’t imagine tossing them, but I knew they wouldn’t be able to recover. They’ve done way better than I expected. Will be happy with any product at all from them!

Based on what you said I think they need more water. When you water that pot give it a gallon, then wait at least 3-4 days before watering again.

If you give it a good soaking and the leaves don’t perk up then it might be something else going on

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Thanks, I’ll give that a try! I think you’re right. Hopefully.

Maybe they’re aware of you’re initial neglect… :wink:

Don’t water them based on that other plants. Water therm when it"s time for them. As they flower, they will drink much more. Are you writing things down? Keep good notes to refer back to.

Continued success.

They really might be! I feel bad that I still kind of neglect them, but I’m happy I didn’t just let them die or something. With them, it has been an every other day watering, but yesterday I gave them a much better water than usual with some good stuff. Maybe they need daily in such a small pot. I suppose they might be rootbound or have their roots tangled together too (although I guess in the wild they probably do grow this close together… but not in 1 gallon pots!)

They are looking better today but still kind of unhappy. I removed a few dead or almost dead leaves (which maybe I should have left). Tomorrow they might look a little better though, and I’ll see if they need another soak.

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