Help! 1st Timer w/ Thrip Bugs in Late Flowering

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Hey guys, 1st timer here. Ive felt good about how far I’ve made it during my first grow, but today I made an unfortunate discovery that one of my plants has a rather serious thrip problem. I killed probably 30 of them. I didn’t find any on the other plants thank god, so I separated the infected one, Harriet, a little bit away from the others. What can I do to save her??

I’m late in flower, my autoflower Amnesia Haze are 12 weeks old from sprout, and about 7 weeks into flower. I literally was gonna start my 1-2 week flush tomorrow so I can’t use neem oil or anything like that since I’m so close to harvest. I only found the bugs on 2 of the nodes, so would it be smart to just cut off those branches? Should I still flush? Would it be smart to still do a blended garlic/water/dish soap blend and spray whatever leaves remain? The tough part is I find them almost exclusively on the sugar leaves attached to the nugs, and I’m noticing the leaves on the entire plant are starting to die. Is it even worth killing the bugs one by one? I don’t want to lose the plant obviously but I’ll kill her if I have to, especially if it will save the other plants.

This is a closeup of the tiny bugs I found:

And this was the infected plant yesterday (this photo was taken indoors during a storm but these girls have been growing outside). I didn’t grab a photo today but her leaves already look worse. Please look past the nute burn as I’m done feeding any more nutes. I just want to do whatever I can do to harvest her before she is eaten to death.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I am really not sure what to do or if she is savable but if you have any advice I’d greatly appreciate it!!

Thrips Im familiar with are super small, those look more like aphids.
Thrips tend to hang out on the veins of the leaf.


Even in late flower, I’d get some Captain Jacks dead bug brew. Should take care of the bug problem. Then bud wash at harvest.

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@Cannabian thank you, yes it looks like I made another rookie mistake and misidentified the invaders haha I definitely think you’re right about them being aphids! Appreciate the help! :pray:

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@Bow4Buck thank you for your advise! I’ve heard about that product; I’ll look into it more for sure. I may still try a homemade solution but I’m curious if by bud wash you mean actually showering the entire plant in water including the buds after the final chop is made to remove the plant? Or do you mean something less intense? I really appreciate your help!

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Bud washing is done after harvest with a solution of water and peroxide. You gently dip and swish your buds then hang them to dry.


@AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie got it. Plenty of videos on YouTube you can find. Removes all the nasties from the buds.


@AloysiusDevadanderAbercrombie and @Bow4Buck thanks for the info! I had never heard of that before!

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Here’s a video.