HELP! 12-day old plant---leaf discoloration

I moved my LED lights closer…like 18" from 24". after about 2 days…this leaf discoloration occurred on one…but not the other. Also, my humidifier died over the weekend and the humidity has dropped into the mid-30’sIMG_8042|666x500
this is the good one:

this is the one Im concerned about:

it is weird being that the spots seems to be in the exact same place on two leaves… I am still learning myself but it looks like water splash to me… I could be wrong and more opinions should be considered. but I wouldn’t worry too much unless it starts to spread. plants are still young and should recover IMO

Been looking at a lot of leaf discoloration lately and that really looks like harmless variegation. Think of it as “birthmarks” but watch for changes like brittle or brown/grey spots.

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Thank you! I appreciate you taking time to write!