Helmet heed on seed

Hi there ppl, my seeds shell hasn’t fully come away I was going to mist spray it to see if helps shud I be taking it out of soil if n when it falls off thanks

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Best to let it fall off. But My current grow I ended up removing a seed shell because it was just sitting on top not connected anymore. I’m still new here so may wait and let some more experienced in people chime in. Good luck!

Thanks mate gd luck to👍🏻

No need to remove after it falls off, remember nature already has this all figured out. If it gets stuck then yes you can ever so carefully remove it

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Appreciate that thank you :pray:

Only had to remove a helmet once so far, I took a pair of pointy twezzers & carefully stuck the points inside the small opening & pulled the twezzers apart (reverse of squeezing them). hardly took any pressure & the helmet popped. Get it good & moist before attemting this. I believe it was @dbrn32 said he puts the seeds in the ground (after sprouting) with the root up & the seed down & when it rights itself coming out of the ground it pulls the helmet off.



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That’s correct.


Thanks guys I’m gonna see if falls of today if not will try toothpick… about putting the seed down root up that is a 1st wat do others think on this?

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Huh never heard that… makes sense…

How deep is the tip of the root buried? How long do you let the root become?

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Na nor have I but some say it works… I let root tip get about inch long then put root face down seed up bout a inch down as well…?
Na I hear do seed down root up?? Very confused :man_shrugging:t2:

I have had a few I had to help , mist good to help soften. I use a couple of tooth picks to Flip seed cap Off.

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Not very long, I would say shorter the better. Then I like to make sure root tip is covered with 1/4" of media.

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This is from a seed company…but I dont get helmets anymore following this.

|# Marijuana Seeds Positioning in Soil

Marijuana Seeds Positioning in SoilMarijuana seeds should be placed with the POINTED END UP into a prepared cannabis seeds germination bed or just good soil at a depth of 1/2 to 3/4 inch. The embryo tap root emerges from the pointed (stylar) end and the natural method of growth is for this root to make a turn and grow downward (see the illustration) This bend formed by the downward curve of the taproot is what emerges from the soil and the friction of dragging the cannabis seeds upward helps the new plant to loosen and cast off the seed case when it breaks through the surface. If the cannabis seeds are placed with the pointed end down, the embryo will be required to expend a great deal of its stored energy for twisting and turning to position the tap root when it realizes that it is heading the wrong way (see illustration of germinating marijuana seeds) The seedling will need this energy to exert the forces required to later lift its head (now enclosed by the two halves of the seed case) above the soil, cast off the seed case and then spread its two embryo leaves and begin the life-giving photosynthetic process. This is a critical stage in growth and carelessness in placing the marijuana seeds will exhaust even the most hearty seedling and result in a slow start and a feeble plant in later life. Cannabis seeds should be placed in a small hole at a depth of 1/2 to 3/4 inch. An excellent medium for germination is a mixture of rich humus and fine sand, such as the type used for aquariums. The soil needs a ph of 7.5 to 8.0 and should not be so moist that it sticks to your fingers. If the medium is too moist, the seeds will rot and ferment before they can sprout. A simple test for moisture is to stick a pencil into the soil and if soil adheres to it when removed, then it is too moist. Sort of like when you test a cake by sticking a straw into it to see if it is baked through to the middle. The ideal is not too moist, and not too dry - and be sure that the soil is well-drained. Research has shown that a soil temperature that is at, or slightly above, the air temperature promotes the best survival rates and growth.|


Appreciate all the feed back people :pray::+1:t2: Next seed I do will try this way and see wat happens thanks

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