Hellraiser grows Zkittlez and Banana Kush in coco with Jacks 321



Yes the bud itself, not the little sugar leaves sticking out of the bud.


Ok well that is the area I aim at and I think I have it

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So when cut a piece of bud off to examine under microscope is there any techniques I should be aware of? What part of the plant should I test from, main, middle, or bottom colas? Should I use tweezers and gloves or am I overthinking this?

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I haven’t done it this way but I would take a very small piece from a top and a middle level bud. Aim the microscope at the calyx. The bulbous gland that the hairs come out of.


Happy Friday. Just took these and I say its a maybe to go to harvest stage

Hopefully I am getting better with the shot

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@Hellraiser it took me about 2-3 days to trim my last plant and I didn’t have that much to be honest. But like you said I don’t like much leaf on the plant but the buds were straight beautiful. There really is nothing like hand trimmed


I take two or three samples from various locations, clip tiny samples, take em inside and put on a piece of white copy paper on the kitchen table where I can get it just right for pictures:

Like that.


@Hellraiser , I am at the beginning of my first grow, in coco, and fungus gnats are what is my most likely problem to come as they are often a general nuisance around here. I had my seeds break ground just yesterday and remembered this photo. Should mosquito bits be soaked in water and added to jacks nutrient mixture and added to new seedlings or just some bits sprinkled on top of the coco? This would be a preventative action instead of trying to kill off an existing population. Thanks for these grow journals, you are a very good teacher!


I just sprinkle the mosquito bits on top of the soil or coco and then water as usual, don’t need a ton of it or a full layer, just a few bits per square inch works fine. I’ve heard of others soaking the bits in the water/nute mix as well and I’m sure that would work as the BTI from the bits will wash off into the water but don’t really see the reason to do so (unless they just don’t like seeing the bits), as putting the bits on top of the medium will release some BTI every time you water. I usually add more bits every few weeks if needed, or as a preventative. Happy growing!


Thank you!

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OK, been too tired to even talk about the Banana Kush harvest but will get it out. Did most of the dry trim on Saturday and finished up on Sunday, about 20 man/woman hours in total to get it done. After trimming and placing them into cvaults they were at 68RH after 24 hours, perfect for starting the slow dry process. They are down to 65-66RH at last check last night. I am opening them up for 10 minutes a day to slowly bring down the RH, after a few days at 62ish RH the buds will be placed in grove bags and mason jars, so I can compare the curing process, taste, terpenes between the 2 different container types.

After smoking BK samples for a while, finally got the rankings (and keeper) sorted out. While all the plants are pretty good, the best is clearly BK2, followed by BK1 (the biggest yielder), then BK3, and lastly the runt BK4 (smallest yield by far). So will be adding the BK2 clone to my stable of mothers, she is very good with a very strong buzz and taste is getting better every day with a nice banana flavor to it. The buzz of BK2 far surpasses the others, a real kick you in the head buzz after 3 good hits from the pipe. Both myself and my daughter did the rankings by ourselves and came to the same conclusion - as we always do so I trust her judgement and confirmation of my rankings.

Here is the best of the bunch - BK2


Here is BK1 - the largest yielder and almost as good as BK2


BK3 - a fine smoke and a little sweeter banana flavor but buzz is lighter than BK1 or BK2


Harvest congratulations Sir! :star_struck:

Now you got me all excited for my 2 banana strains seedlings! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


BK4 - the runt and much smaller yield, the weakest buzz of the group but still a nice smoke.


Did you try to make some Rosin with the BK yet? :thinking:

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No not yet, which reminds me to get the kief out of my trim bins LOL.


HR…congrats on another great grow! Quick question…how did you attach the Infinity controller to your Gorilla tent? Getting ready to set up tent #3.


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Thanks! The infinity controller is attached to the tent with heavy duty velcro, works great, hasn’t fallen off once and I can remove it and mess with it if needed and then just stick it back in place.

5 yards of heavy duty velcro, a lifetime supply for me and the few things I use it for