Hellraiser grows Zkittlez and Banana Kush in coco with Jacks 321

They’re autos…and they’re flat out not germinating. I’m up to 9 that haven’t hatched out of the 20 received. I’ve had these issues over the last few months from multiple vendors. It’s not my technique because when I hit a healthy one, they grow like a rocket.


As of now, I’ve no complaints. Plenty of apprehension and a creeping sense of buyer’s remorse, but in all fairness to ilgm (which is the only online bank that gets my business), I’ve not yet started on mine. Time will tell. But based on the aforementioned testimonials, my hopes are not high. At least I am. Nevertheless, I’ll give it the old college try.

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The more posts I read on here, the more I realize that I amongst my type of people. :+1:


Wow I feel bad. I don’t think I’ve heard of autos not germing thru ilgm. This is the first for me hearing this. @repins12 made some bomb ass auto strains that grow some boulder buds. Lol. Sorry to hear about the luck. I’m sure they will fix the issue once the last seed is germed and they get a number from the group of beans. Ilgm is super about this kinda stuff. If u didn’t contact the customer support and let the. Know what happened or didn’t happen and most positive u’ll get new beans or a credit for new one. Good luck.


@ConcreteBudz is having issues with the fastbud autos currently. None are germinating he said. Frustrating as anything.


Wow I’ve seen a few snob type growers on ig who bitch about fast uds and ethos both doing bad seeds and never seen or heard from someone til now. That sux. What seeds. @ConcreteBudz


The only problem I’ve ever had with ilgm is 1 batch of Bruce banner autos. Not a single 1 germinated out of 5 I never did reach out to cs so my bad in that part. Everything else from them has done well.

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Hi there,

Do you use the grow,micro and bloom trio ? Do you use any of the other products such as big bud or bud candy ? TIA

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I did as well with my last grow using 420 FB. One out of four seeds germinated…and it was a bizarre looking plant that was very short and hardly yielded much bud.

I think it more prevalent than we know with product being rushed to market. Half of what I get are tiny, green seeds that are half the size of mature seeds. Most growers think it’s their fault when they don’t hatch when in fact it isn’t.

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Hellraiser, from start to finish, thoroughly enjoyed your simple answers regarding all questions asked.

Banana autos will be my first grow.

Being a west Tx native, I thought our climates would be close and similar.

As you mentioned, certainly if not all supplies are ordered. We dont have alot of choices.

You work, still find time to share so much knowledge, thats good karma.

And plants looked :+1:


Be nice to see a reply from @Hellraiser. He sure is missed by many.


Just how long has he been absent?


@Mosca February, and yes his presence is missed.


March 9:


Remains a mystery.


what size tent are you running your t8 in and how is it holding up? I’ve been looking at the ac infinity lineup for my tents and I’m trying to get a feel for what size fan is the most effective in which size tent.