Hellraiser grows Zkittlez and Banana Kush in coco with Jacks 321

In this journal I will detail my ILGM Zkittlez grow using Canna Coco bricks and Jacks 321.


The Seeds

5 ILGM Zkittlez feminized

The growing medium

The nutes


Mixing the Jacks 321

The recipe for Jacks 321 is the following per 1 gallon of water:

3.6 grams Jacks Hydroponic 5-12-26
2.4 grams Jacks Calcium Nitrate 15-0-0
1.2 grams Magnesium Sulfate (Epsom salt)

To make it, mix Jacks Hydroponic first in the water til dissolved, then the Magnesium Sulfate until dissolved and then the Jacks Calcium Nitrate. Then ph as needed. Since I am using coco, looking for a ph of 5.8-6.0. I will use a ph of 6.0 to initially expand the coco and subsequent waterings will be at 5.8 ph.

I will make 2 gallons of nute mix to expand the coco brick and have some extra for watering the coco.


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This will be one hell of a grow, definitely looking forward to this :+1:


Expanding the coco brick

I used the plastic bag the coco bricks come in to rehydrate the coco, I only need enough coco to fill 5 solo cups at this point so will be using only half the brick, breaking it down the middle

This is the whole brick, only using half of it at this point


Then I poured a gallon of water/nute mix onto the half brick and let it sit for 30 minutes

Now it is hydrated with Jacks 321 and ready to use.

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Excited to see it unfold man!! Happy growing…shouldn’t need any luck considering this is by far the easiest way I’ve found for growing primo.


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Thanks, think I’m going to like this, already like not messing with perlite and the dust.


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I’m very interested in Jacks


I usually let the seedlings pop up for a few days under their domes and then start giving around 2 shot glasses of water around the edge of the cups


Preparing the cups

I cut 3 big “slots” in the bottom side of cup for drainage

Then fill with the expanded coco.

I then poked a 1/4"-1/2" deep hole in the middle of the cup and planted the seed, tip down. I then sprayed a couple squirts of Jacks 321 over the seed to ensure it has plenty of moisture to start germination. Then placed into the grow tent with a HLG 135 Bspec at 90 watts about 28 inches above the cups on a 24/0 schedule.

At this point there are NO fans running inside the tent and temperature is stable at 75F, humidity is a bit low at 35RH as I have my humidifiers off since I have a plant (Cherry Bubba Kush) in the last couple weeks of flowering in the room as well. Won’t be a problem as I’m used to growing in low humidity.

Seeds were planted on Thanksgiving day 11/26/20

Note - I did not soak the seeds before planting. I have been soaking seeds for the past couple years but before that I always just planted into the soil with no pre-soak and had no issues with that method so going back to it as I have not seen any advantage to pre-soaking seeds, they don’t sprout any faster.

Now I leave the cups/seeds alone and let them do their thing. Will not be spraying or doming or adding any more water til the seeds sprout and the coco dries a bit.


What water do you use?
I have noticed they have a Jack’s for ro water

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I’ve found that if I use 1/8 tap water and 7/8 RO water than the ph always sits where I want for coco, around 5.8 so I don’t have to use any ph up or down.


On Monday 11/30/20, 3 of the 5 seeds sprouted, the other 2 seeds sprouted on Tuesday. So great start so far, 5 of 5 seeds sprouted. On Tuesday, I noticed the top of the coco was starting to dry a little (turning a lighter color) and cups were getting light, so gave 70ml of RO water to each cup.

The sprouts this morning:

One of the sprouts is a triploid, notice the 3 cotyledons and 3 first leaves.

Those are mosquito bits sitting on the coco as I’m fighting off fungus gnats.


Im using jacks 321 in dwc bucket. So far so good . Tagging along also…


I’ve grown a lot of triploids, usually see 1 or 2 a year, once they start going into alternating nodes, there really isn’t much difference from the regular plants.


1606912647246 1606926243893 so should i just leave mine alone …3 weeks today for dwc 19 days for the soil .


Opps they are are both gorilla cookie extreme autos