Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

Been wanting to try advance nutrients been on fox farm trio last 2 grows hopefully easier to manage ph and ppms I like the happy frog soil and adding your own nutes idea👍


I’ve used many of the nutes out there and very happy with AN, healthiest plants ever. I could keep every leaf til harvest if I wanted to, never have any deficiency problems.


Alternate method of getting plant out of solo cup.

Make 3 cuts with your trimming scissors from top of cup to bottom, peel like a banana, some might find this method much less aggravating.


You just straight cut down the cup to where you made the drain holes for the cup. Got it!


I was planning on taking the cups, and gently roll them between my hands to help loosen up the roots before I cut them with the banana method.


No need to roll at all if using the banana peel method.

I like to use this method with clones and sprouts that I suspect may not have a huge amount of roots yet, but don’t want to delay the transplant, just like that clone in the picture. No pulling required and a more gentle method of removal.


It might be the wrong way, but I usually just squeeze around the older pot and the root ball has always slipped right out. I otherwise do it exactly as you do.

Great journal, @Hellraiser.


@MidwestGuy, As long as it works, it’s not wrong, many ways to get it done, thanks!


After transplant update

Ok, all the transplants went well, no issues, here they are the day after transplant and looking quite happy. Don’t be afraid of transplants, just be careful.

I know the plants are happy to get out of those small cups and now their roots have room to spread out and grow.

Fast Vegetative Growth

The plants are ready for fast growth now, you just have to supply the things it needs to do that:

  1. Good light - $50 ebay or amazon blurple LEDs aren’t gonna cut it, invest in good lights. I’d take a 600 watt HPS/MH over any blurple LED. Latest tech LED is best but still quite expensive. Get the best lights you can afford, it is the one most important factor in bud density and yield. If budget does not allow for a high end LED, it’s hard to beat the bang for the buck of a $159 600 watt air-cooled HPS/MH kit.

  2. pH’d water - appropriate to growing media (6.5 for potting soil)

  3. Nutrition - get a complete fertilizer, lot’s of them out there, Fox Farms Trio is a good place to start.

  4. Temperature - Once out of the solo cup, I like temps to be go up a little, somewhere in the 77-85F range, so adjust your exhaust (you do have an adjustable exhaust don’t you) and find that setting so it stays in that range.

  5. Ventilation - Fresh air in, warm stale air out. In a tent or small enclosed space like a closet, you need to exhaust the stale air and allow fresh air in. At this point of growth, a constant exhaust should be maintained, yes even during the dark cycle, you like to breath at night right? So do the plants. Also with fresh air comes CO2, which the plant needs, like we need oxygen.

  6. Humidity - It’s great if you can maintain your humidity at around 50RH for veg stage, if you can’t, don’t worry too much about it. I live in the desert where it’s 15RH outside, it’s usually around 30RH in my tents and my plants manage to survive.

  7. Correct light cycle - 18/6 is the accepted standard for vegging plants and works as intended. I don’t recommend 24/0 at this stage, let your plants have some rest, there are things that happen at the dark cycle that are beneficial for both the plant and the soil.

  8. Don’t forget the pest prevention at this point, don’t let pests ruin your plants.


A quick peek into the flowering tent, just starting 3rd week of flowering, coming along just fine.


Over watering experiment

Over watered every day for 5 days, still looks mostly fine.


What a beautiful wave of green!


That’s what I like about using a screen, looks like one big beautiful bud monster.


Hellraiser may be stupid question but, is myco a rooting compound? Does it go by brand names


Not a stupid question. Myco is a special kind of fungus that works with your roots and helps develop a larger root system.


Myco - short for Mycorrhizae sold under brands name like Extreme Mykos, what I use.

As FixerPower said, not stupid, and it is a fungus thats forms a symbiotic relationship with the roots of the plant and helps it uptake nutrients, nitrogen and phosphorous in particular. Good stuff.


@Hellraiser @MidwestGuy Thanks for the info guys. I will look for it.


That tent is wall to wall of buds! Growing strong :muscle:


Yeah, I like to make full use of the space.


Thanks Zee I ordered some earlier this evening. Yeah Bubble gum won the race, I put those two in cups. I imagine the other two strains will be split by tomorrow some time.