Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

Should be about perfect moisture level this evening. Im doing this auto at the same time, to harvest as well. Long time coming for the sour d. Wont bother with autos again for a while. Maybe outdoors next spring.

the auto Wont be in tent though, as its been outside. Dark, windowless bathroom.


@Hellraiser. Would like some input on transitioning a plant from outside to tent with led. Really would like to bring her in to finish flower. Would put in a 3x3 with the 350r. Just seems too nice of a plant to let the cooler temps slow her down. Great structure for light penetration to all sites. Just picking yours or whoevers brain. Pests have been nonexistent, but will still take all the precautions. Already have been. 39x39x72 she will go in, with nothing else in my room for now.

Once I can bring my room temps back up from my current drying that is. Also thinking since its been cooler lately, mid 70s day and 60 at night, I would want to start off cooler inside? Female bag seed, unknown strain.


Yeah just bring her in and watch for pests, start with not so high light levels and ramp up a little bit at a time and watch for light stress, try to keep temps about the same, no big changes too quick.


Seems the majority frowning on the idea. Pests aside, im determined to see what she can do. If I see satisfactory progress, great, if not, then I start my new grow. Im happy with either of course. Checked my drying tent, slow dry for sure, and all looks good in there. Spread open branches to check interior for mold etc, looks as it should.


It’s definitely a gamble of bringing in pests that may not be so easy to get rid of once they make it inside. I would not do it if I had other indoor plants going at the time, specially plants in flowering. Since it started outdoor and you should wash it anyway after the chop, I’d defoliate some and give it a good drenching of Capt Jacks Deadbug spray.


No others will start indoors until she’s out. Wont bring in until my harvest has dried, and elsewhere to cure. We see. Thanks for the input.


@trj7714 here ya go. Read it from the top, it’s a long one but a ton of good info for ya.