Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

Yeah I never really flush, just constantly water to runoff and only water for the last couple weeks gets the buds as I want them.


Thats what I thought but wanted to make certain. So far the ladies love Jack’s!!!


Ohh good to know. Also is there a sort of starter led board you’d recommend from hlg? Something under 200 ideally that can do flower and veg? Or is it better just to save a bit more and get a nicer one. I’ve got a blurple vivarspectra and just found the blurple support group yesterday so I’m realizing the trap I’ve fallen for haha

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The HLG 135 rspec kit is an awesome light, perfect for a 2x2 tent and fine for veg and flowering and is right under $200 (save 10% by using discount code dude) and can just add another 1 or 2 or 3 more if moving to a larger tent in the future. If you can work a screwdriver and wire strippers, then you’ll have no problem putting the kit together and there are youtube vids that walk you thru the very simple process.


Awesome! Thank you so much man. This whole journal is incredible info. I’m at around post 3800 in reading it and I don’t know where I’d be in my grow without it


I got another question for ya’ll! Has anyone tried growing regular veggies with your weed in the same tent? Or herbs like basil and such. I was reading that its good for biodiversity and stuff but wanted to ask this thread :slight_smile: I popped some basil seeds in a solo cup to see if they take and grow with my plants.


I start a lot of herb and vegetable plants in a tent that will move on to the sun-room or outside and I clone my wife’s favorite basil, mint, and oregano plants for her as needed. But tent real estate is too precious to use on plants that grow fine on a window sill or outside.

Here’s a sweet basil cutting getting rooted (along with a revegged Blue Dream), tastiest basil plant we’ve vome across so I just re-clone it every year to keep it’s genetics around.


@Hellraiser , LOL and i bet that air duct filter does a great job of keeping your Cat Assistant out of the tent too. i can just see a cat figuring out that a 6 inch vent looks like a great place to explore.


I revisited this thread last night for a while, after seeing your post on that “beginning of a SCROG” thread last night with the brilliant photo. (The one of your lovely lush purplish scrog grow. Man. Just. Beautiful.)

…and I was intent on finishing the entire journal here on one night.

(Haha. Goals.)

Had read a couple hundred of the posts when I first joined up here not too long ago, but then got side tracked when building my lights. I had already picked up so many ideas from you, before I even popped my first seed. (So Thank You for that, and for sharing all of this. It’s truly something to see, and you obviously you have a way with the plant. I’m one of those people who believes that your intuition and connection with your plants is an important part of the art. You seem to have that.)

Got about a thousand posts in and finally just couldn’t keep my eyes peeled open anymore. It was like a great novel I couldn’t put down. !

Only 5888 more posts to read. :face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle::face_with_monocle:

Incredible wealth of information here.


Folks, listen to this man. He knows what’s up.

(Eyes open again… jumping back to my bookmark, and back to reading. Excited to learn more.)


Thanks! Glad you are finding it helpful.

Yes I do feel a deep connection with the cannabis plant. Before I discovered marijuana at the age of 13, I really thought there was something wrong with me. I was very hyper, probably would have been diagnosed with something and given drugs to correct my behavior these days but they didn’t do things like that in 70’s. I had and still have chronic insomnia, would not sleep at all for 3-4 days straight, always had thoughts racing thru my mind at light speed, could never really relax, was rarely happy about anything (probably from lack of sleep).

Then at the age of 13 I made the decision to try marijuana, went out to the hippie side of the high school and nervously bought a few joints and smoked one after school. There was an immediate feeling of well being, the thoughts slowed down in my head and that night I had the best sleep I could ever remember. Then I started researching it, checking out every book from public libraries on marijuana, trying to find out how to grow it, but there was little to no information on it back then so I just went with trial and error and also spent many hours reading botany books to get as much knowledge of plants in general, which explained much of what I needed to know - about male and female plants and nutritional requirements. Found out male plants were useless for smoking (no buds) and seeded my female plants, learned to recognize and remove the males. I was the first stoner/grower in my area that had seedless bud when all other weed was filled with seeds (mexican brick weed, all that was around).

Marijuana has had a very positive impact on my life so I enjoy helping others free themselves from having to buy it when it’s so easy to grow with a little knowledge and help. Happy growing!


Do u have to tag your peeps every time u post on your journal? Dumb question maybe.


Once people have started to follow your journal, they will get tagged automatically when you post. :nerd_face:


I can relate.

My situation is a bit different, but I see it as an essential medicine, as well.

So glad to have found all of this, and you, and ALL of you here. It’s been so helpful. :heart: I really think it’s life- saving.

Thank you.



Getting back to your earlier Reply about the Terploc Grove Bags for curing and long term storage.

Are you actually loading the buds in and performing the entire cure portion in those bags? I am guessing long term storage in your case, preserving the Freshness of your previous masterpiece Grows?

I was reading a bit about the product and it seems that for the legal producers the pitch was use these bags to retain moisture / Cash / Weight in the pockets probably referring to the lag between chop and sitting on the store shelf somewhere in the legal states?

I realize we all grow on a different scale from 1 to Infinity plants here on this forum. From Hobbiest to King Pins, we are all here. The Vast majority of us just a guy trying to save a few bucks, and to keep things on the ultra low in circle of friends and acquaintances to deal with. Me I am going from 1 to Zero, is my goal.

I ask at what point did you start using the bags? Was it after your “Normal” Dry Cure 2-3 weeks and then you stuff the Terploc Groves Bags with the weed? Are these Self Burping Bags?

I am thinking of just going with another 4 Liter CVault storage container. I love your recommendation from a earlier post you came back on my Grow Journal. Here is a pic of my purchased CVault. It does have the RH 62% Bag inside. That bag is about the size of a 3"x5" card and has a solution inside. It does store a Quarter LB nicely as you stated and will keep the weed in tact and not smashed over time. It does hold that 1/4 LB nicely with a bit left over. Quality container! Love It!

Just curious, you I bet have samples from alot of grows and you are looking more for preservation of the past grows, long term with this bag use?


How do I get to be a friend? I have been drooling over your cherry ice cream since I first saw it, I was looking for seeds to make it and haven’t even seen either Cherry Do Si Do or Ice Queen. Stunning


Hello friend

Hi Deb. Love reading about your adventures in growing :slight_smile:


That’s an awesome bit of Hellraiser history for sure…thank you for the continued support of all of us man.

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Hey all, I’m considering flipping my plants into flower soon since I don’t have a lot of room to work with in my tent. I got about 30inchs from my blurple to the tip of the tallest plant currently. Do you think it will be okay? And do I just have the lights turn off 6 hours early to make it 12/12 or do they need a period of darkness before they’re flipped?

Or should I let them grow a bit longer and maybe some LST? I know the top left plant is smaller than the others but since this is my first grow I feel I’d rather make it to harvest without any burning issues or anything like that. I know they should be able to handle light a bit better the more mature they are so maybe I can let them veg longer?


They seem a little on the smaller size, but I flipped my current grow at about that size and they are doing fine. Just won’t have as much bud as normal.


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