Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

I’m saying I want to try to harvest sooner than 3 /4 months so could I just get a big drip tray for the bottom of the cabinet which is a 2x2 and have a couple mother plants along with some vegging clones that I’m able to move to a 3x3 tent. I know that hellraiser uses something similar to this for mothers

I would keep the mothers in the 1 gallon square pots and I would get 2 gallon square pots for the vegging clones in the same cabinet does this make any sense ?

In a perfect world I would want to use the top chamber for the humidity dome and small rooted clones that I would eventually move to the bottom chamber that would house mothers and bigger rooted clones that I would eventually move to the 3x3 tent, that pot that I pictured above is 6x6 inches and 1 gallon which I believe would be good for mothers as they don’t need to be huge and I could use maybe the 7x7 or 9x9 size pot for say 2to4 rooted clones that I would move to tent ? I’m new to the whole perpetual and harvesting more than once every 4 months so have patience with me please lol

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Haha, all good. I misunderstood!!! I think your best bet would be to just use a 2x2 tray to capture runoff. And really any pots would work. I assume you want the square ones so you can fit more


I just want it to look good and work it’s going to be a trial and error also any info on mother plants ? I know that they are started from seed 18/6 or 24 hour light I’ve read you keep them for about a year and your able to use a clone from the seed mother to make another mother

These were some blue dream right before harvest

This is my super closet

Not exactly what I expected for the 1st time I did 3 blue dream clones and 3 sour diesel seeds and a banana kush. I didn’t expect them to get so tall I put them in flower when they were like 8” tall I had to cut one down cause it was way to tall lol, but I’d like to get a new light for this thing that isn’t so damned hot!


Look good man. Yea sativas can stretch like no other. Heres a pick of my purple ghost candy. From same seed batch. Middle plant in unruly

Mothers you can keep in just about any pot you like @Newt and @Low does a great job of maintaining moms. Check out there grows or i am sure they will chime in here on this post


I keep my clone mothers small. (Four in the back row here)

The oldest (2nd from right) was a cutting taken 7/17/21. The clones taken from the mothers will get just as big as a plant from seed.


Some moms here 1 gallon and less sized pots


Good call buddy.

@Hellraiser hello your forum has been very helpful and i will be using your being techniques when i get my new seeds

i do have a seedling northern light auto flower though that’s is not doing well… if you have time do you mind helping me understand what’s going on with her and if i’m doing something wrong

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@Hellraiser i don’t mind sending pictures if that’s okay

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The bummer is, hes been absent for a month or so? Surely someone can help. Feel free to ask whatever, on my thread, which reaches many top growers. Weve used my journal as an info hub as well as my grow journal. Worth a try! PR’s continuing grow adventures and member’s hub
Post all the pics you want !


@pr thank you i did hoped someone can help understand what’s going on


Very nice looking Blue Dreams! I got 4 clones almost ready for chop.

Hey teacher! This thread has been extremely helpful, and thought I would ask a quick question.

I was in 50/50 HF/OF, but decided to transplant into strait HF with extra perlite. Haven’t watered since transplant on 04/05. Do these guys need nutes? Water? Too much water?

Thanks boss!


Hell raiser has been absent with work for about a month. The plants don’t look bad at all. Since you just transplanted 5 days ago into straight HF, you should be good to just ph6.5 water them for a few more weeks. 5 days without more water seems like you may have gone a little long but I could be wrong. Best bet would be to dig your index finger down about 2 inches deep closer to the edge of the pot. If it feels dry, then water them.


Thanks for heads up, I had no idea.

Rock on. Good to hear they look healthy, but I agree, 5 days seems a little long. I’m going to water them tmm morning.

Thanks for the help!

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@CCGrower I would water around the outside of the pot so the roots have to reach for the water do this a couple of times then after that water completely to 10-20% runoff each time
Good luck


I’m going to do that, thanks for the tip! I had a shower head spout for my water jug, but I’m going to use this one instead…


Hi. I have been following your journal on growing. I am a first time grower. My question is do you think the advance nutrients called Sensi Grow part a and part b would be good to use during veg stage? Along with Sensi Bloom during bloom stage?