Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff

Yes Soon as my drying is done gonna move blower and filter outside tent to free up space, looking to gain all the room I can


Before I started using a carbon filter, my friends that would come visit always said they smelled it as soon as they came anywhere near my house. But if I lived in a legal state, I wouldn’t bother with it. I never really smelled it in the house, due to the constant exhaust, all air leaves my house via my 2 exhaust fans.


Been there done that brother. They can definitely put out a pungent smell. Some of my guerilla grows did the same thing. I could follow my nose. Kinda like toucan sam with the fruity pebbles :+1: :tumbler_glass: :v:


I’m sure you remember those commercials :v: :tumbler_glass:


Yep, just follow your nose, sometimes that’s the only way I found some of my guerilla grows, I know I put them over here somewhere…


Time to top the girls

Why top? In small grow spaces and tents, height is always going to be an issue. Topping will keep your plants shorter. It will also make better use of the light. If you don’t top, you’re growing a xmas tree shape plant, narrow top and wide base. We want to turn that shape upside down, wide top and narrow base so most of the plant mass is at the top, near the lights.

What are we cutting? We cut the top of the plant off, that’s why it’s called “topping”. This is going to cause the side branches to grow much faster and bigger than if the top was not cut. What we are creating is a plant with many tops, not just one. This will increase yield.

Where to top? Depends on how many tops you want on the plant, more tops are going to make a bushier plant and bushier plants take up more room. In a 3x3, I normally go for 4-6 tops per plant, growing 4 plants. If I had a bigger tent, I might go for 8-10 tops. To get 4 main branches, we cut above the 2nd node. for 6 main branches we cut above the 3rd node, for 8 cut above the 4th node and so on.

When to top? I like to wait until after the transplant, about a week or so to give the plant time to spread her roots out and start growing quickly and have at least 6 nodes.

Here we go, this is easy, get your clean trimmers out and cut some heads off. They won’t hate you, for long.

Here’s the girls today, looking nice and healthy, think it’s day 27 (checking my spreadsheet…yep) 36RH 77F already topped the Cherry Ice Cream clone (front right)

Let’s take a closer look at one of the gorillas and decide where to cut

I’m gonna cut where my forefinger is, leaving 3 nodes below the cut, leave a good amount of stem below the cut.

Now make the cut, remember this is for a good cause, to control height and increase yield, gotta do it

Cut made above 3rd node, good amount of stem left below the cut, done. Now do the rest.

A pile of tops

All done

Check out the female pre-flowers (the pair of white hairs) on the clone top, she’s over 3 years old so very sexually mature

The over watered girl is already looking a little better


Won’t lie I’m really nervous to top but know it’s necessary for the space I’m growing in is a node just a section where branches have grown


Is topping necessary when growing in a 6ft tent?

I wonder what the yield comparison is?

To top or not to top.

I consider it necessary unless you flip to flowering at 4-5 weeks (small plants, small yield) or SOG little clones, otherwise it can get too tall. 6ft is not much when you take away a foot for the pot, the foot above your light, the foot or 2 that should be between your light and plant, what does that leave? Not much at all.

On yields, the difference between a single cola plant flipped into flowering at 4-5 weeks and a topped plant that can now be vegged much longer, say 2 months, with 6 - 8 main tops is huge. You’d be lucky to get 2 oz from that single cola plant vs 6-8 oz from the topped plant.

This girl produced close to 8 oz.


I don’t grow autos, and never will but the word is you don’t top autos. So for those of you growing autos, don’t top. Some of my methods are not for you auto growers.


Speaking of 6’ tall tents, when I replace my flowering tent (3x3x6) soon, I will be getting a 7’ or taller tent, the extra height would be very nice, more room for carbon filter, light mounting, buds, etc… Veg tents, it’s not so much an issue, 6’ tall is fine.


Wished Id topped not Fimed now lol.
Great thread mate.

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So when you topped your plants you cut above the third node which will give you 6 main branches if I’m wanting to go for 4 I would want to go one node lower leaving 2 nodes below instead of 3 as you did

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Yes, exactly.


Thank you does the time remaining on your light play an effect when topping such as I plain on doing right after I get home at 3:30 leaving roughly 8 hours on my light or would you rather do it later before the light shuts off and they rest

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Doesn’t seem to really matter, I’ve done it all times of day with no problems but it may be easier for the plant towards the end of day so they get that night cycle to help close up that wound

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Hellraiser do u use the tops as clones?


I could have but no, I’m not ready for clones yet. Will do that right before I move these girls into flowering.


Can you clone tops?

I’ve been up and down on when and how to start my grow and honestly I’ve been going nuts trying to read everything I could find out,really as much as I could so I honestly want to say thank you when I read your post on Gorilla Glue because I’m currently attempting to try and start a gorilla glue grow their regular feminized seeds from farmers lab so im going to try and follow ur griw schedule wish me luck lol