Hellraiser grows Gorilla Glue and other stuff part 3

Stiil can’t post pics in my other journals so part 3.

Transplant Day

What a freaking Texas day, 9:30 am and already 100 degrees, supposed to hit 106 today.

Time to get the girls into their final homes. Will be using the following for this transplant:

Fox Farm Happy Frog
Extreme Mykos mycorrhizae
Vivosun 7 gallon fabric pots

This will be an easy transplant, the girls are certainly a bit root bound as they need water every day or 2. This is best done with the soil DRY.

Put a couple/few inches of potting soil into the final pot, Test fit your plant in new pot, add soil as needed to get desired height, put a nice circle of myco where the plant will be.

Now I do a push in/pull out thing on the edges of the pot, spin the pot 90 degrees and repeat the push in/pull out to loosen the pot from the sides of the soil then grab the stem down low and pull the plant out of the pot. Maybe have the pot kinda on its side so gravity does not work against you.

Look at all those roots, no danger of the root ball falling apart.

Place the plant in the new pot and fill in with soil, push down a bit on the soil near the pot edges so it won’t settle down and get too low after watering. Then water fully (i used 1/4 dose nutes) and place back under your lights.

The Gorilla Glue girls transplanted and back in tent, decided to keep water girl (the smaller one) in the tent . The front right GG is a monster, love the way she is growing, think she will make an awesome clone mother as long as the potency is there.

With the Cherry Ice Cream clone, tent is getting pretty full

One of the GG will be grown outdoors, she looks pretty happy even in the heat. Gave a neem oil treatment the night before


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