Hellraiser grows Cherry Ice Cream clones, Jacks vs Advanced Nutrients, making feminized seeds

I’ve never done this, so take it for what it’s worth.
I would dry it, so it doesn’t freeze into an unusable block when going into the water/ice bath.


You should look up pedros grow room. He does some amazing bubble hash work. I believe he was in a video with build a soil not to long ago doing a bubble hash walkthrough.:call_me_hand::+1:

I freeze fresh in a brown paper bag if I am going to use it right away, otherwise I’ll dump that into an unscented trash bag to store. My thought is keep it as simple as can be, forget wasting time drying if your gonna drop into a wash tub and Bubble it: and an upside I think it retains terps/flavors/smell more so. I’m old and short on time, so all larf/trim/small buds too small to be worth the trimming go in the bag.


I probably just put a pound of trim and larff in the freezer.

You should have seen the plant I just cut down. It was a scrog’d GSCE in a 3x3…. I can’t even guess what it will yield.


Yes @Highwayman420 do it that way.

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Good tip Mark, knew about not PHing after Recharge but didnt realize the same goes for FishSh!t.

Yall go recharge once a week and fish sh!t bi weekly for best results? Any diff between use in veg vs in flower or is it recommended to use throughout grow? Think hell has mentioned this before so forgive redundancy.

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Freeze it fresh is how I do it after the wash it’s like the same process as drying flower. Let it dry out. Roll in ball and let it cure for better taste and flavors but still works right away after dried it is way better tho if u use the 220 or 160 bag with frozen product ground up some and dry ice and shake the shit out of it for a while. Stuff don’t get all wet and pasty as much dry and cure alot faster


I freeze it fresh but I do a dry trim so it is mostly dry by that point.


After the cut

This called the bud back building technique and will make the buds fatter than usual. Best done shortly after mid flowering, week 5 for 8-9 week flowering strains and week 6 for longer flowering strains. Cut off about 1/4 inch off the top tip of the bud, need to get some actual bud, not just pistils.

Did 6 of the 9 top colas (2 of each microbe group) so a difference can be observed and did some of the buds near the screen level.

Just the tip


Would that work for autos too?


Yes it would.


“Just the tip” is typically followed immediately by my second favorite game - “Now the rest”… This is a new spin on things. :rofl:


Here’s 2 buds of similar size close together, cut one and not the other to show the difference as they grow.


Interesting point on the bud regeneration… makes sense from an overview thinking how a damaged or bent stem can actually grow stronger with some duress. Very interested to see the side by side results, i often struggle getting fat monster buds compared to yall experts.


How long in do u do it at the latest for the bud backing. I have some f4 CBD about 5 to 6 weeks in think I should give them a tip top


Perfect time for a haircut - a little off the top.


Alrighty. Got 6 or 7 buds I did. Prolly shouldn’t have as they r already fat and leaning the branches downward lol.


Hey @Hellraiser ! I’m getting myself prepared for my next grow using coco, and I want to make sure I’m understanding how much water in going to need so I can get a larger reservoir if needed.

I saw you were using 1/2 a gallon per day per plant in 5 gallon pots. I’m assuming that was with no runoff? Are you still watering till runoff with coco each watering or only every once in a while?

I plan on going from solo cup, to a 1 gallon pot, to a 3 gallon fabric pot.

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In flower u’ll prolly use a good 2 gallons per plant maybe more depending on the environment. I use like 3 to 3.5 per plant ever day to water mine in coco 7.5 gallon pots


That’s exactly why I’m getting started in autopots. I have some mobility issues lately, so I don’t wanna be runnin upstairs with gallon jugs of water/nutes every day.Maybe autopots fit the bill where I can fill a res and run for a few days…ive seen the results of coco and jacks and I want in, just not the constant watering…make sense?