Hellraiser grows Cherry Ice Cream clones, Jacks vs Advanced Nutrients, making feminized seeds

I notice a bit more trich coverage, specially on the leaves. My first harvest that used the UVA did seem just a tiny bit more potent than without. Even my freinds that didn’t know I had started using UVA said the latest Cherry buds seemed just a little stronger than the previous Cherry.


Yeah thats what I here. I can’t wait to test them out. I grow for personal use so im all about quality even if its a little bit.


The more I look at the pic the more amazing it really is. Orders of magnitude in root development in just days.

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Yeah I was surprised when I lifted the hood and saw all the roots, wasn’t expecting that. I did do something different with this run of clones - used tap water instead of RO water. Think I’ll use tap water from now on in the cloner.



I thought of doing that, to get the extra boost of minerals. Next time eh?

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Put some tribus in the cloner with the tap water, or better yet fishshit! Lol


MVP Information as usual. Many thanks. My tap water measures around 140 ppm but If I remember right you had mentioned that your tap water was pretty high (and that is why you use RO to mix your nutes). I wonder if the elevated ppm (I’m assuming minerals) helped? And I guess one has to clean the machine thoroughly after each use so it doesn’t get clogged. Never used a cloner but will be getting that Clone King 25


I second that one I’d love a seed or 2 or 3


I’ve looked in two different journals of @hellraiser’s and I know you have answered this before but must have over looked it. When using a clone king or other cloning machine what size of light, distance from plant and schedule do you use.


Can I let them go for 4 more days?


I’ll try that on the next clone run.


Yeah I was thinking it was the minerals that made for the explosive root growth as that was the only difference vs previous runs with RO. I have very hard water (near 500 ppm). I do a cleaning cycle after each run with water and bleach and then do it again before I run the next batch, I keep it sparkling clean.


I use a HLG 135 Bspec at 50 watts about 3 feet above the cuttings. Before I got into HLGs I was using a 125 watt CFL also about 3 feet above. I use 24/0 light schedule until I plant them and then go to 18/6.


Sure, a few more days won’t be a problem, just don’t want the roots to get long enough to get sucked into the pump, can always trim off longer roots if needed.


I had way better luck using just ro water my last 4. Maybe it was just this run, as all strains are different. Or luck of the draw. I don’t think for clones I will try it again. Had better root growth with just the ro water. Could just be coincidence.
They seem to be more “slimy” compared to the previous runs. Peace.


I seen a guy on YouTube do all these cloning tests and, like RO vs tap, vs dark jar vs see through jar, vs this vs that and of like 10 things he tested tap water in a clear Mason jar worked the best… So in the future I’m just gonna do that vs some tap water in a clear jar with fishshit and see which works best.

He didn’t use a cloner unfortunately.
Next time maybe put one in a clear container with tap and one with tribus and see how they preform vs your cloner. I’m thinking the cloner with tribus and tap water will be the best but it’s just a Geuss.


Been a long day, expanding coco, planting clones and I have a sore back, time for bud of the night to help with the back, best pain medicine is usually Cherry Ice Cream but the Banana Kush is no slouch either.

ILGM Banana Kush with a couple months cure in a grove bag, almost surprises me how strong it is every time I smoke the best of the crop (kept that clone for my mother tent). Great stuff.


Time to plant the clones, let’s take a look at the roots.

Roots on Tuesday


Roots today


Expanded the Canna coco bricks with full strength Jacks, silica, and Tribus (why not preload with microbes?). Also added a handful of worm castings and biochar to each pot.

Large clones already (I have very large hands)